Windows XP SP1 no indeo

I don’t know if this has already been reported but…

Just a heads up for anybody trying to run older games under service pack 1 and beyond, Windows no longer ships with the indeo codecs required for some games and the game will unexpectedly quit or hang when you try and play these games. I found this out last night while trying to install Motocross Madness 2 for a friend’s kid.

You can pay $15 and buy the codec from.

Or download the free microsoft XP hotfix:;en-us;327979

I’ve encountered a problem with Indeo on XP in regards to the Thief games. On installation, the cutscenes will run fine. If you start up a game later, they will no longer work. Reinstalling the Indeo codecs will fix it, but they’ll only work for a game or two before they have to be installed again. This happens even with the latest Indeo XP pack.

Is Indeo like the DivX of video codecs? Does it expire after three plays or something?

Leave it to a chip maker to create a crappy video standard.

[EDIT: That’s the DVD standard DivX, not the video codec DivX. Hmmm…this metaphor didn’t turn out so well. Let me try again.]

Is Indeo like the France of video codecs? Does it retreat after three days or something?

Leave it to France to create a crappy standarde de video.

Remember, SpoofyChop, that the codec is named DivX ;) including the little winky face, so the difference between that and the anus-huffing DivX crapware spawned by/at Circuit City should be patently obvious. Besides which, noone besides PR folks ever said anything good about DivX whereas lots of people love the DivX ;). hehe.

Remember when Circuit City was training its salesmen to claim that their proprietary DivX format had better video quality than DVD?

Ah, those were the days…