WindowsXP for AMD64

Is anyone in this beta program? Any thoughts on the performance difference; does it run noticably faster?

Also since we’re on the topic, how does one get into this kind of testing beta program? If someone were to download the beta is that piracy (it is, after all, free software to those who are in the beta) or is it kind of “winked at” the way widely disseminated betas of WindowsXP were?

I’ve been thinking of doing this for awhile as I have WinXP64 but haven’t done so yet… just hate having to reload everything, than hunt down 64-bit drivers.

It’s kinda-sorta beta, you can download it for free essentially, or get it mailed to you for the cost of shipping & handling I believe. Not really piracy, if it is, it’s about as soft as it gets.

— Alan

Thanks. Hey if it doesn’t work, I’ll just install regular WinXP.