Wing Commander Saga (fan work in FS2 engine)

Title says it all, I just saw it in EG

Interesting, given the current lack of any kind of space sims.

Looks Awesome, but my God the voice acting was appalling, i hope you can turn the voices off and have it subtitled.

Definitely keeping an eye on this.

It’s a shame they’re modeling everything after the WC3&4 ships.

Wow, it’s finally, FINALLY coming out. Been in the works for YEARS that one.

Did anyone else sit through that entire video thinking “ok, they’re going to start showing more than 5 seconds of game footage at a time right after this next section.”?

Looking forward to this.

(And if you think the voice acting in this is cheesy, re-play the Freespace games themselves some time :P I’m willing to overlook it, anyway.)

Freespace 2 had Robert God Damned Loggia, Ronny Motherfucking Cox and Kurtwood Fucking Smith among its voice cast. You, sir, can suck it.

It wasn’t bad. It was, however, cheesy :P

Actually, I admit I went out and spent £12.50 on a joystick in anticipation of this game. The Logitech Attack 3 is quite good, considering the price.

Cosmic symmetry, man.

Bought my first PC in the fall of 91, walked into my local mall’s Electronic Boutique and asked the salesman what game he’d recommend. It was Wing Commander, $30 then. I loved it, played the sequel, Privateer, WC: Academy, etc. Have my boxed copies sitting on a bookshelf here in my study.

No. 5

What’s the best modern joystick (for flight/space sims) that’s not incredibly expensive?

Logitech Extreme 3d Pro. 12 buttons, throttle lever, twist stick for rudder-style functions. In the $30-40 range. I couldn’t find anything less expensive that had all those features.

I haven’t tried it in any space sims yet; so far only used in WW1 flight sim Rise of Flight where it’s been excellent even without factoring in the relatively low price.

Looks pretty cool. I might try that, thanks! :)

Not sure how it will play with space sims, but I got this for MS flight:

Works for both PC and PS3, has got rudder through stick twist or a throttle axis and lots of buttons to configure. It sell’s for just under $50.

It might be a bit cumbersome for a WC game. Not sure. I’ll try it with it anyway.


Just a small warning, all Logitech products are designed for people with big hands. Operating a Logitech joystick always makes my hands hurt after five minutes of use because they’re designed for people with much bigger hands than mine. Which is a blessing for someone like my brother, btw, who has big hands and has never been comfortable with joysticks or mice from anyone other than Logitech.

I’m using an Attack 3 as I said. It’s very much at the bargain end, but it’s a fully usable stick. I use the keyboard for throttle in Freespace anyway, so…

Thanks for this info!

I have rather small hands myself, so…

(Compensating in other areas ;))

I really like the Thrustmaster T.16000. It uses the fancy hall sensors that their high end Warthog does so it’s super precise. Also has a ton of buttons, twist rudder and a throttle slider.

CH Fighterstick

I’ve had my second one for nearly ten years now (second only because I upgraded from the serial port version to USB) and the springs/pots are as crisp as the day I bought it. It doesn’t do the twist-rudder thing and doesn’t co-operate with a 360 USB controller, but it’s easily programmable, tight, and you can hammer nails with it. It’s also not cheap - Amazon currently has it at $105, which is more than twice what I paid for it brand new at Best Buy back in '02. However, as long as USB remains viable, I’m fairly certain this stick will outlive me.