Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942 - Turning air combat on its side

Bruce Geryk is a pest. Now everytime I hear him talk about some obscure strategy game somewhere I check it out and I usually end up with another game I have to find room for. One of those games that Bruce introduced to me was Bomber Command by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood. It’s a two player duel in the dark where one player plans raids into Europe while the other commands the German response. There is a lot of hidden movement and the crux of the game is the German player finding and shooting down as much of the main raids as possible while the English hope to draw the Axis attention away from the main target and do as much damage as possible. It wasn’t the usual American B17 daylight raids so I was intrigued.

Now Lee is working on another more tactical game and he’s done something a little different. He’s turned the traditional air combat map literally on it’s side.

Lee is really playing up the role that superior altitude plays in combat by having it be one of the primary dimensions on the map instead of being relegated to value you have to parse out in your head. With initial scenarios covering Britain, Coral Sea and Stalingrad I am very interested.

More Samples from GMT’s page:

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Tom M

Lee wrote a nice article about his, “art project.” Im still very much looking forward to this and here’s hoping it moves up the production schedule and we’ll get it this year.

A sample from the Article:

Tom M