Winning 11 6

So far “Winning 11 6” from Konami is quite an incredible soccer game for the PS2. The best part is that they figured out the “offsides” rule, and when an “offsides” violation is called, they even show a replay that proves beond a shadow of a doubt that it was, indeed offides. Pretty cool.
Going back to play now…

What bites is that the GC version of WE 6 FE won’t make its way to the Euro or NA market due to the announcement of ISS3. Yay.

WE6 is a giant experiment for Konami from what I’ve read. They didn’t expect it to do well over here but apparently, it’s selling reasonably well.


Winning Eleven 6 = pretty much the greatest football game ever made. As an ex-pat limey, it’s US release has put me pretty much over the moon. If only they’d do a GBA version…sigh.

I think there IS a GBA version. Which pretty much plays like the ISS games on SNES. I’m not sure whether it’s out already, but I could have sworn I’ve seen reviews of that. Probably not released in the US, which shouldn’t be a big deal though when it comes to importing GBA games.