Winter TV 2022 (and Spring too!)

Superman and Lois returned this week for Season 2 and Friday is the Ray Donovan tv movie to wrap up that show.

It’s funny seeing the “air times” for all the shows in that Cinemablend list.

By the standards of the broadcast network way of doing things, Netflix really has that 3AM time slot sewn up! Nobody can outcompete Netflix at 3am.

PBS has a new Around the World in 80 Days? And I already missed a couple of episodes!

It does! And with David Tennant! Looks good. :)

There are a few nice highlights there (YEAH, Ozarks finally!) but good god is that a list of horrid programming for the most part.

I had posted this in the wrong thread earlier:

From that list, the surprises, that it told me were good shows that will soon have more seasons:

Kung Fu 2021 reboot. Season 2 is coming, and don’t sleep on this show? Hmmm.
Blindspotting Season 2. Apparently this was a good show in Season 1.
Russian Doll Season 2. Surprise because hey, I loved Season 1, and Season 2 is finally coming!

From that list, the shows I need to check out that I’ve been meaning to:

Only Murders in the Building. Apparently Season 2 is coming.
Evil. Season 3 is coming. I’ve heard mixed things, but I might check it out.
Westworld Season 4 coming. I loved Season 1, but never felt compelled to continue. This should be good motivation.
Atlanta Season 3. Always meant to check out this show.

The shows where I’ll be there Day One, I can’t wait:

Stranger Things 4
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Umbrella Academy 3
MST3K Season 13
The Boys 3

Some of the other new shows sound intriguing too. For example, I loved “A League of Their Own”, the 90s movie, and that’s getting a TV show, and that just sounds like a good fit for a TV show.

These both look interesting, anyone watching?

@krayzkrok is this vampire hunting show based on a true story?

I mean, they do things differently in South Australia.