WinXP and "lost" disk space

I recently deleted a folder that contained about 12,000 files totalling an approximate 16 gigs. However, Windows somehow failed to mark the space as “free”, so the disk still has only about 3 gigs of free space. I’ve emptied the recycle bin, ran scandisk, ran chkdsk /F but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any ideas? The disk uses NTFS and the disk type is set as “Dynamic”.

I ran a program that walks through the whole filesystem (including system and hidden files) and calculates the total size of all files. It verifies, that indeed there should be 16 gigs more empty space.

And of course, just after I posted, I noticed that there is a 16 gig “restore point” under System Volume Information… It didn’t show up because my user account (although it is an admin account) didn’t have read access to the System Volume Information folder. sigh Live and learn.

EDIT: I wonder why the files ended up there, though. I haven’t manually created a system restore point in ages.

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By default, XP will automatically create system restore points every so often (seems to be once a day on my system), keeping as many as it can within a certain disk space limit. The limit is tunable, but I can’t remember exactly where; it should be somewhere under My Computer->Properties.

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