WinXP - don't move folders/files without confirmation?

I am accidentally moving files and folders all the time when my mouse slips during a double click. Is there a way to force XP to always ask before moving a file or folder?

Thanks! :D

Set everythig to read only!

( Actually I have no idea, you might want to just be more careful )

You could set it to open everything with a single-click, thus removing the opportunity for error.

Throw away your big mouse and do every move operation from the command line!

You could set a double click to be really fast, so there’s no way you can double click that quickly.

Shove a wad of bubble gum under your mouse button so it won’t click anymore. :)

Stop drinking so much caffeine so the hand tremors don’t shake the mouse off of where you clicked.

Use the right mouse button instead. It’s still a two click process, just a slower one. You right click, and then click on OPEN on the menu.


Just delete all those files and folders, you don’t really need them anyway.