WinXP on an iMac

So this site was running a contest and apparently it’s been won. There’s a video floating around as well. Anyone know anything about this?

The site with the link to a video and instructions:

has been slashdotted.

Wouldn’t it be cool? I really wish Apple would grow some balls and finally release their OS for the whole Intel/AMD world to copy! Or buy, even.

I managed to see a video which looked mosty right except for when he started up the machine, he had a grey screen with windows logo much like the grey screen with the apple logo at startup. that seemed a little weird.

If Macs could dual boot Windows, I would be thrilled. In a few months, a new mac book pro with final cut or Avid DV express, then a windows partition for when I want to play some Civ 4 or try some mission editing in flashpoint on the go (still just scratching the surface 18 years after the game’s release).

I’ve been following the contest and the effort. It’s fairly impressive, getting the EFI-based iMac to load an OS that expects a legacy BIOS. Installing requires some effort:

  • repartition and reformat the iMac HD
  • use NERO to slipstream the installation modifications onto an XP installation CD

But after that you get a dual-boot Mac running Windows XP natively.

8. After rebooting, you should see a crystal Apple logo at the center of the
   screen. Use the arrow keys (up/down) to switch between OS X and Windows.
   Make sure the slipstreamed Windows XP CD is inside, select Windows and
   hit Enter.

   - If you forgot to insert the XP CD, you may insert it _before_
     hitting Enter.
   - If you left a different CD inside, do the following:
     - Turn off the computer
     - Turn it back on _while_pressing_ the F12 key.
     - Don't let go of the F12 key until the CD is out.
     - Insert the XP CD.
   - Now select Windows and hit Enter if you haven't done so yet.

That would pretty much be the end of Apple oustide of the iPod business. Tight control of the hardware their OS runs on has a lot to do with its ease of use.

Not if they think big enough. As in: “We want to get 50% of the OS market in 5 years. We want to be a viable alternative to Microshaft.”

That said, I can’t wait to try this…

While I think that going big is the only way Mac could do it, I don’t think they would ever succeed. I’d imagine that Mom and Pop USA don’t really want to learn a new OS, wouldn’t fully appreciate what makes OSX better when it’s all unfamiliar to them, and so on. Windows is already everywhere, I’m not sure how you develop a strategy to take down the product with 90% + marketshare and get people to willing switch to something that, while better, doesn’t really do a lot of the day to day stuff very differently than Windows (email, web surfing, chatting). You’ll also lose the “just works” angle when you take the hardware out of Apple’s control.

I see this being a good thing for the hardcore user that has the spare cash and, for some reason, couldn’t completely give up windows (maybe a hardcore gamer). If this dual-boot stuff really pans out, I know my next laptop and desktop gaming machine will both be Macs with Windows there for the sole purpose of playing some NWN2, Flashpoint 2, or whatever. Now it won’t matter that games don’t come out on the Mac or that Windows has a strangle on Direct X.

edit: but back on point, I would love to hear any first-hand stories about trying this. I imagine NVIDIA and ATI drivers would work to give good gaming benchmarks, would be curious about other drivers.

How would this work? Much of MS’s market is legacy application support. I’ve yet to see apps that don’t have some sort of quirkiness when going from Mac->Windows or vice-versa. Businesses aren’t particularly tolerant of quirks like that, it costs too much productivity.

And I still don’t see why MacOS is so much better that it’d be worth it to do this. What, specifically, does MacOS offer that windows doesn’t? It’s “slicker”, but not particularly more functional than a (well set-up and administered) Windows setup in my experience. And it’s truckloads harder to find many competing solutions in some application spaces (scientific graphical/numerical software comes to mind from my line of work off the top of my head).

The key for me is, I am not, nor do I want to be ‘a well set-up windows admin’ to get my computer to do what I need it to do. I just want it to fucking work. Which has not been my experience with Windows.

In my work experience - web coding, film editing - the exact same action I perform on my Mac takes half as long as it used to on my Windows box. Set aside, for a moment, the aesthetic value and how rock goddamn solid the OS is, it just flatout improves my workflow.

Returning to the aesthetic value and how rock goddamn solid it is: I spend so much time using a computer that I want it to look as good as it can, and OS X does.

Every Windows build I’ve ever used has reached some kind of critical mass around the 12 month point. It’s gotten bloated and bogged down, or whatever the hell has gone on, and the only thing to do is wipe it and reinstall. I used a first gen iBook for almost five years and it was still on it’s first install when I replaced it with an AluBook.

To quote Jimmy The Saint, from Flatbush: Windows is fucking clunky. OS X glides…

Edit: Oh yeah. Under OS X, the F9 and F11 keys are better than anything I ever saw Windows do :o

So let me get this right? You have to have the Windows CD inside anytime you want to boot to Windows?