WinXP/Optical Drive Petpeeve

Does anyone else have the following problem? It’s starting to go from annoying to really annoying.

When I drop a CD/DVD into my optical drive then have to switch discs for some reason (such as going to the next disc in a game installation process, or Iwant to burn a different music CD, etc.). Anyway, Windows refuses to “refresh” the contents of the CD, and it assumes that the old disc is still in the drive, so the install process will tell me to “insert disc 2” when disc 2 is already sitting in there. So I have to eject the disc and close the disc tray a couple of times before Windows realizes “hey, there’s a new CD in here instead of the one that was in there originally.”

I’ve tried firmware upgrades on my DVD-RW (TDK 880N), but no luck, and this is a problem in both Windows SP1 and SP2. I think it could be due to the 8MB cache in the drive itself.

Is there any way in the registry or something to tell Windows to fix this? Basically, if you put a disc into the optical drive, Windows should automatically assume it’s a “new” disc and read it as such.

Can’t you just refresh explorer to get it to “see” the new disk?

Doesn’t work. Like I said, the problem is for some reason Windows still assumes that the old drive is in there.

huh. I don’t have the same problem with XP, so maybe it’s hardware specific?

Disk change recognition should be automatic for all removable drives. If you’re using some custom driver it may be a driver issue; otherwise the hardware is broken or unsupported. The drive cache has nothing to do with that.

Search for the model of your drive, and the manufacturer’s website for Windows XP. Maybe it’s a known problem with a workaround. Otherwise, get a new drive – sorry.

Did you uncheck the “auto insert notification” box in the driver property page?

Or at least, that used to be there under 98…