WinXP Pro x64 - worth it?

OK, say I need to do a Windows reinstall on my Athlon 64 system. Is it worth going with the 64-bit version of XP Pro? Have drivers stabilized enough to be equal or superior to their 32-bit counterparts? [Especially nVidia’s video drivers.] Is gaming performance at all improved by the move? Are there still any gotchas or other issues I should be concerned about?

Last time I checked, the consensus seemed to be you were better off sticking with 32-bit XP for the most part - x64 was too much hassle for too little gain - but that was several months ago. Has support improved to the point where it’s worth it now?

Not really. It does have its bonuses, but it has just as many minuses from XP.

You get the 64 bit enhanced programs, of which there are sadly few, but when they’re there you’d rather use them…

You lose some Starforce compatibility (of course)

You lose some driver support (Belkin is terrible, Logitech is great, and so on…anyone who is serious about drivers has x64 support now except in the printer realm, IMO.)

And application support in general is still subpar. You’ll see more x64 ports in the coming months/years, especially because of Vista x64, but one of the reasons people haven’t gone with it is because (at least for smaller devs this is an issue) they need to upgrade their dev tools to do it. (GetRight is coming out with an x64 port.)

Honestly, I’ve used x64 for nearly a year. I really like it. But I can’t recommend it with Vista around the corner.

I’d make the x64 jump when Vista comes out. IMHO it’s just not worth it for most people under XP.

I use XP 64 and for the most part, no problems. Silent Hunter 3 was a problem because of Starforce… until I found the crack for the more recent version. So now I can play a patched game.

Certain programs won’t work. A program I use a lot for work wouldn’t load on my PC because it was XP 64, even compatibility didn’t fool it.

But overall, drivers for the main stuff seem good enough for gaming and normal use.

Only thing I’ve noticed is ‘better’ in Win x64 edition is that WoW and Everquest2, and probably all my other games with LARGE FILES seem to load faster than they do in Win x86.

Note Vista x64 will have problems with cd emulators (until someone sorts it out), unlike Vista x86 which does not have that “security” (or fuckup, depending on your pov…)

Thanks for the replies. I’m mostly wondering if XP x64 boosts gaming performance enough (or at all) to be worth it. The gaming benchmarks I’ve found online are several months old. I don’t know if there’s enough native 64-bit game code - or enough performance improvements in XP x64 proper - to make it worth the effort. But so far it doesn’t sound like it’s worth the bother…

If you’re doing a fresh install and have it, you could use it, but if you already have a x86 version I’d use that instead of buying the x64 one. Unless MS gives you one for free =)

Well, I can always give the trial version a spin and see if it does the trick. Probably even have a spare HDD lying around I could use so I don’t have to reformat my current install. But I’m too lazy to do comparative benchmarks and it doesn’t sound like there’s much to be gained from XP x64.

Still, if I’m bored some weekend and want to mess around with it, I’ll consider it. :-)

It does right now, but the only problem I have is that the SPTD driver doesn’t like Vista x64. By the time Vista is actually released…who knows?

I doubt they’ll leave any incompatibilities on the table, since SPTD is backed by a commercial entity.

It does right now, but the only problem I have is that the SPTD driver doesn’t like Vista. By the time Vista is released…who knows?

I doubt the commercial entity behind SPTD will leave that particular incompatibility in their product.

Well, all that is required from what I’ve read is a Verisign Class 3 Certificate and MS ‘signing’ on the drivers, something I believe you can do yourself with the necessary tools. course, this costs a lot of money so it leaves some of the “poor” guys out of the market, it also means that opensource drivers could be an issue unless they make a way for all the compiled versions to be signed.

Just a note; If you reinstall XP32 after XP64, on different hard-drives/partitions, XP32 might overwrite the NTDETECT.COM, NTLDR and NTOSKRNL files with the 2001- versions from XP32, XP64’s are 2005. Just overwrite them and XP64 will work again.