Wipeout Pure Updates

Okay, a sensationalistic title (well, was, guess it wasn’t tongue in cheek enough. :P ). Still, this looks like a pretty strong indication that at least parts of Sony are firing on all cylinders when it comes to actually using the sum total of the PSP specs:

Info on Wipeout:Pure downloadable content.

Now the trick is convincing other game-makers to follow suit. More skins for Lumines, more cars for NFS or Ridge Racer, more quests for Untold Legends. (Yes, I know none of these games have the ability built in, most likely, to actually do this stuff. I use them as examples only.)

Thanks for changing the title.


I’m sure this will be a great thread.

Remove DS from your thread title and you might have enough room to finish the title. No idea why DS was listed … you didn’t even mention it in your initial post.

Yeah and you’re a ding-dong.

Look dude, everybody KNOWS that you HATE the DS now ok? Fine. We get it. This is an interesting link you provided, but it has nothing to do with the DS. Do you really have to keep sounding so angry at the DS? Did it kill your mom or something?

I don’t even own either of these devices and I’m sick of your stupid DS screeds already.


Heh. I don’t hate the DS. Kirby makes me want one.

However, I hate the fact that the DS has loads of technology that could be used to do something cool that, well, isn’t. Nevertheless, title changed.

I agree that it’s an interesting idea, and if I understand correctly, you can download the content to your PC and xfer it over to your PSP after the fact, which is awesome for those of us without wireless capabilities. (Not like my damned cell phone, even though I paid a ridiculous sum for the motorola connectivity kit - I still can’t actually download something to my computer and xfer it over. I actually have to download it to the phone at 5 cents/k or something stupid like that.)

I’m a little concerned that the first content pack for Wipeout seems to be larger than the capacity of the 32MB card that comes with the unit right now. If the content is modular (that is, you can dl individual tracks or ships as opposed to the whole shebang) then that ain’t a bad thing - but you’d think that when they were trying to introduce people to the technology (so they can introduce us to paid content in a year or so), they’d make sure that it’s something every Wipeout owner could access ‘out of the box’.

I have no intentions at this point of buying an expanded memory stick. I already have an iPod and my gf has a portable DVD player. Plus, I tend to use the far more compatible ‘book’ format to get my movies on the go. Never say never, of course - but it’s just a bit of a drag right now that I think extra content for wipeout could be really neat, yet if it’s only available as one chunk, I won’t be able to try it out.

If I understand correctly the bulk of that size is new music, though. Assumably they can modularly switch between music from what’s available. So just toss out the new songs you don’t like/don’t have room for, and it won’t impact the actual gameplay whatsoever.