Wireless adapters for the 360. Is this it?

Hi guys.

I looked in the search engine for the site first, and I could not find anything on this. If you have a link for this topic already, I apologize and ask that you post it.

I just moved my 360 a little too far away from the router, and was looking at wireless solutions for the 360. I keep seeing the 99.99 one, but it seems pricey to me. I need to save some money. I just moved out to Los Angeles, California, and just traded in a bunch of stuff to get my 360 and a pre-order of Halo 3.

Below is the one I keep seeing…

Any suggestions on a cheaper model? I don’t want to get hosed because best buy wants me to believe that this is the only thing that will work for the 360 so I can play Halo on release day. I think with the release date looming, I am not thinking clearly, and will rush to pay whatever to get online. I REALLY need to avoid that.

If I’m being cheap, let me know. I just don’t want to break the bank if I can help it. (I still need to buy Xbox live gold, as it expires for me on 10/01/07.)
If you have this adapter, let me know if it works for you.

Also, couldn’t decide if this is a more of a technical/hardware issue or more of a games issue. I thought it’s kind of a hybrid and would see more foot traffic here, though.

Please assist. Thank you.

buffalo wireless router & dd-wrt firmware to make it a wireless bridge

search dd-wrt

The adapter you linked to is the official one, and the only USB adapter that works. You can get by with a wireless bridge that you connect to the ethernet (RJ45) port on your 360. Might be a bit more difficult to set up, though (the official one is configured via the dashboard).

I chose the official one because of it’s size and ease of use. It snaps on to the back of the console and works with no fuss (almost. I have seen reports that it doesn’t work with some wireless routers). But I could have saved some by getting a wifi-bridge that connects via RJ45 (not much though, but that is probably due to the pricing over here).

And I would say that this post would do better in the HW-forum. Less traffic means that it doesn’t drown here in games.

Couldn’t you just get a longer cable? Cat6 is supposed to work up to 90m (~300 ft).

I have a wireless linksys USB adapter than I plugged into my 360 and it works great. As a bonus, it’s half the cost of the official unit. Configures through the dashboard and everything.

Something like this although I can’t be sure that’s the exact model that I have at home. It’s along those lines at any rate.

EpicBoy: I stand corrected then. I thought there was no third party USB adapters that worked. Since there is, the only reason to get the official one would be that it snaps on to the back of the console…

Well, the only reason I figured that out was I didn’t want to pay $100 for the official one and I had a spare laying around so … hey, let’s see if it works.