Wireless, battery-powered USB extender?

So the next level for my much-touted-here (thanks-for-your-patience) hacking project is to get a pair of these bad boys and start using them for gestural control:

The downside, of course, is that they are USB, and hence they are wired. But since my system is all Kinect-y, I would ideally like pure wireless. And since I will have two of them, it’d be nice to have only one wireless hub.

I looked around for a wireless, battery-powered USB extender. No such thing seems to exist. Did I miss anything? Or, failing that, what’s the smallest, lightest wireless USB extender out there, and I can try rolling my own damn battery pack?

I will probably not even bother with this to start with – plain old wires could be made livable, really – but it would be nice to have at least some kind of plan to ditch the umbilical…


Edit: crap, never mind, it looks like they only have left-handed gloves :-( FAIL. Oh well, still interested in any leads on USB wireless possibilities for future reference.

The wireless USB stuff I’ve seen has all been so heavy and bulky you might as well just go wired for this application. The difference between having a long cord and having a cord running to a waist pack isn’t going to be that large. All of it was AC powered.

I’ve done some research on the subject because I do astrophotography, and I wanted a way to get total control over the telescope mount, camera, focuser, and guidance camera wirelessly. All of them end in USB adapters. The results were expensive, large, and somewhat iffy in actual implementation. I ended up chaining a laptop to the telescope and using VPN to control that remotely.

OK, fair enough. Thanks.

It looks like there is a wireless glove system if you can drop 1.5 G’s. This is the one Imogen Heap uses for this awesomeness. I’ll stick with double Wiimotes for now.