Wireless Connection Help

I’m hoping someone here can help me. I’m having problems with my wireless network at my office.

It started this morning when I could not access my businesses web page from the main computer in the office. This happens every so often for no apparent reason. Our web company always responds with, “We can get to it from here. Guess it’s your problem.” I normally power cycle the router and computer a few times and eventually I can get to the site again.

This morning when I power cycled the router I lost my wireless internet connection. I have tried power cycling the entire set up multiple times (modem, router and PC). I get no wireless internet at all. The network is there, but no devices have an internet connection. Plugging the PC directly into the modem got me connected but the connection dropped when I was on the phone (also over the web). Not sure if it’s related to the other problems or not.

I called Comcast about it and they reset the modem from their end. Their diagnostics said everything was fine (which is the only answer I have ever gotten from a cable company unless there was a line down).

Other stuff I have tried: plugging into different ports on the modem, using different cables between every device, connecting to wireless with my phone (no luck) or other PCS (ditto) and using an old router (no internet access either).

Currently I have net access as long as the PCs are wired. The network itself is fine. I can print without any issues on any of the half dozen or so wireless printers in the office.

Anyone have any ideas I can try?

Since plugging your PC into the modem directly got you connected, it sounds like maybe the problem is in your wireless router. Does that router also have wired ports (most do)? Sounds like it from your description. Being able to print to wireless printers may indicate that your PC’s wireless is working (directly to the printers). If you can connect modem->router->PC with cables and get it working, then it may be that your router’s wireless services are the issue. Trying a different wireless router would be the easiest way to confirm that, if you have that option.

You can download and run inSSIDer from your PC. This graphs all the visible wifi SSIDs by channel and signal strength. At least use this to confirm that your wifi adapter is working, and that it can see your wifi network.

Sorry, I forgot I posted this. Some of the problem was a DNS issue, which I got resolved. The wireless router is working again for no discernible reason. I tried two different routers the day this problem happened with no wireless working on either of them (phone either). I’ll try SSIDer later if I have time. The boss ended up ordering a new modem from Comcast with built in wireless so I’ll see if that works.

Thanks for the help, though.