Wireless gaming adapter has to be reconnected


Here’s the situation. A few months ago I replaced a crappy D-Link router with a comparatively awesome one, a Netgear dual-band WNDR3700.

It’s rock-solid except for one thing - the Linksys WGA600N wireless-n gaming adapter connected to my 360 apparently loses its connection to the router when we’re not using it.

What that means is that when we fire up the 360 and try to log into Xbox Live, we can’t. We have to reboot the adapter to get it logged back onto the wireless network. Every time.

I figure there’s a setting on the router that I haven’t found that would allow this adapter to keep its connection. Oh, and we’re not running any kind of security other than MAC filtering. (We’re not too worried about leeches in our neighborhood.)

Any ideas? Thanks!

Never mind - I’m an idiot. The 360 had manual settings that had the old router’s 192 address space. How it EVER connected to Live, I have no idea.

Here’s one interesting (to me) thing: The adapter never shows up as an attached device on the router, but the 360 does. For some reason it just doesn’t identify itself on the network. Is that because it’s a bridge?

Okay, I’m back.

So it appears that the adapter IS remaining connected to the wireless router, but when I fire up the 360 and attempt to connect to XBL, the 360 is not able to get an IP address unless I reboot the adapter.

Any ideas?