Wireless HDMI and router question

So - I had a chance to pick up a new Iogear wireless HDMI setup for a big discount, the goal being to be able to replace the long HDMI cables I’ve been using to connect my laptop to my AVR/TV in the den and bedroom. It was the Wirecutter pick, great reviews on Amazon. And it works perfectly, 1080p from the laptop to my AVR/TV with no stutters, etc. EXCEPT - when I have my Asus N66U router on. Then I get slight stutters in the sound and slight lines on the screen. If I unplug the router - perfect. Plug it back in - problem.

What is odd is out of the couple of hundred reviews on Amazon, no one else seems to have this problem. In fact, people talk about how this does NOT have interference problems with their router. I have tried switching from 2.4GHz to 5 GHz, swapped through all of the channels, lowered the TX power, and nothing seems to have any effect. I made sure the receiver was not right next to the router (though they are in the same bedroom) but no joy. Again, everyone else on Amazon claims no interference problems from their router.

Any ideas? I hate to return it, because I love the concept!

EDIT: When I use it in the den upstairs from the router, works perfectly. Argh! I need someway to shield it from my router when they are in the same room. :(

You pegged your problem already. If the devices are too close, they’ll interfere, but otherwise they should be fine.

Yeah, and I wonder if other wireless HDMI setups will have the same issue or if there is something specific to the transmission/receiving frequencies of this one? Do they all use the same frequencies?

Also, and this is a sign of my ignorance, but I would expect that it would only interfere on one frequency - i.e. either 2.4GHz or 5GHz right? But switching frequencies on the router has no effect on the interference. Why would this be? I’m trying everything I can think of before returning it, because when it works it is VERY convenient and cool for my needs.

I think the older (and not well reviewed) wireless HDMI stuff used 2.4 GHz. I’ve worked with those in the past, and they work ok at really short ranges, but not very well at longer ranges (i.e. more than 10-15 feet, unobstructed). YMMV, of course.

So I don’t know which product you bought, but it appears that the high end product (?) uses the 5 GHz band. If that’s the product you’re using, you could try turning off 5 GHz entirely on your router, and see if that works. I don’t think most (any?) routers allow you to specify where in the 5 GHz band you use – generally they let you switch between 20 MHz and 40 MHz bands, but that might not do you any good if the interference is strong. Switching to a narrower band reduces the likelihood of interference, but also reduces the speed of the connection, if I’m remembering my wireless stuff correctly.

The same advice (turn off 2.4 GHz on the router) could also work in that band, but of course that will likely neuter any older wireless devices you might have.

This is a totally ghetto solution, but you might be able to put something that will reduce the signal strength between the router and wireless HDMI device (tin foil, or even wood). That might reduce the interference to manageable levels.

This is the one I got, reviewed as Best Choice on Wirecutter:


I have the Asus N66U router - not seeing a way to turn off the 5 GHz transmission?

I have a slightly different router (the N56U). For me, I can turn off the 5 GHz radio by going to the wireless settings and selecting the “professional” tab at the top. I don’t know if the N66U has that tab, but if it does, there’s a radio button for enable radio.

My Asus A66U also has the enable radio button for each radio under the professional tab.

If turning off 5Ghz on your router fixes it, try using different 5Ghz channels. There are a bunch of non-overlapping channels in the 5Ghz band.

Ah, OK, I probably didn’t look in the right place. Thanks for the help, this unit has some great reviews and when it works I love it so you’ve given me some things to try. And I changed through all the channels but I realize now I was changing the 2.4GHz channels - I didn’t realize the 5 GHz had different channels (but, duh, right? LOL!)

Appreciate the help, out of town until tomorrow night but will try it then. If it works, drinks for the house! ;)

Guys, thanks for the help. I followed the steps recommended and found the “radio off” button for 5 GHz on my Asus N66U router. and when I turned off 5 GHz, the interference went away. Then turned it back on but turned the 5 GHz channel from “Auto” to the lowest channel (36 I believe?) - figured I’d start by trying the lowest then highest channels. Got lucky - forcing the channel to 36 on the 5 GHz resulted in no interference. Just canceled my return to Amazon.

Greatly appreciate the help with the problem solving. I am really enjoying the wireless HDMI connections!

Where’s my drink?

I think I owe both you and Aleck a drink. Where do you guys live? ;)

I know this is old but I am using the same Iogear wireless GW3DHDKIT kit and recently hooked up a fire tv to my tv down stairs that has the Iogear receiver on it and things randomly quit working. My solution was block the fire tv from connecting to 5GHz at all with mac filtering but this thread gave me the idea. Thank you and like i said I know this is reviving an old thread but I want to help others do documenting my issue/fix always seems like a good idea. Once again thank you for posting your fix.