Wireless ISP?

In my boss’s quest to have everything, I’ve been tasked to sign his laptop up for some (nearly) ubiquitous Internet access.

We’ve got a WLAN about the office, but now he wants to be able to come through our VPN anywhere, anytime.

I think some cell phone companies offer this sort of thing?

I suppose we could have a regular cellphone/modem connecting through a dial-up server run out of our office, but is there a cheaper/easier way to do this by, say, paying a cell phone company $50/mo. to give us some sort of Internet access in every major city?

Caveat: It would really help if coverage included our home office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Richochet used to do this. They had special modems and stuff. They went out of business.

I don’t know anyone that’s doing it now.

Tell him to go to Starbucks when ever he wants to log on. :)

I do not know of any service like this, but I will keep my ears open.

I’m about to do a test of some Cingular AirCards at work (probably will start around the first of December). From talking to other people who’ve done this, it seems to work ok, but don’t expect blazing speeds; most of the time, it’s usually around dial-up speed. Also, try to get some type of unlimited access plan, especally if you are thinking of transferring any type of files.

No idea if it’s covered there, but Verizon has a $50/month unlimited data 3G cell phone deal. They list it as the blackberry one, but any 3G will work.