Wireless N--- Urgh?

So, I picked up a wireless N router over the weekend, but I can’t for the life of me get my laptop to connect via wireless N. It only ever uses G.

Router is a D-Link DIR 655 (Xtreme N Gaming Router), and my laptop has an Intel 4965 AGN wireless card. The router is centrino certified, which according to Intel’s site means it should work.

Not sure what I’m missing, all the router settings are made to use N if possible, and I’ve gone through my card drivers on my laptop (running vista home premium) and it’s all set up to use N as well. But no go – I only get G speeds, and my router reports that my laptop is only connected via G.

Any ideas?

Can you try setting them to an N-only mode rather than the hybrid N-and-G mode they’re probably using by default?

Yeah, when I do that my laptop simply won’t connect.

What type of security is enabled? Some D-Link routers default to 802.11g mode if you’re using no security or only WEP, and only enable 802.11n mode when WPA is enabled.

I’m using WPA.

having a similar problem I am hoping to get some help with.

Got a fairly standard clink wireless router at the inlaws; when unsecured (eg after a reset) the ethernetted XP laptop, my iPhone and the wireless Vista laptop all see it fine and work. Once WEP is on (via setup wizzard) the Vista machine no longer sees the wireless network, the other two are fine. Weird! Ideas?