Wireless network issues

My roommate and I share an internet connection, which is wireless. The modem and router are in his room, while I connect via a Belkin wireless USB adaptor.

While the system generally works fine, the connection speed between me and the rounter seems to drop off quite a lot sometimes. I’m not sure why this is. My roommate is convinced its because the Belkin USB adaptor is crap and that I should buy an internal PCI adaptor. I’m not sure that the whole problem isn’t due to crap he does on his computer, as sometimes my access to the internet gets shut off at the router, requiring a reboot of that device.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ll be happy to provide additional technical details if they are needed for a better diagnosis.

Download Netstumbler, see how many other wireless networks are around. Move your network to 1, 6, or 11, whichever has the least networks on it. Make sure all your gear is on the highest band available (mixing b/g/n is a sure way to sucky performance). Check for updated router firmware and updated drivers for the access point.