Wireless NIC or USB Wireless

So, what are some good brands for wireless NIC cards? Are these the best? Or do the USB wireless cards do the same job?

I had a Linksys WUSB600N because nobody makes any 5GHz 802.11N NICs. I had to take it back because it kept dropping off the network. But then I saw it in the store again in a slightly different box, so I rolled the dice and it works great. No issues so far, full speed.

I tried the same route as Matthew, and it ran great under Vista 64 except for one thing: once every couple of minutes or so it would just hang for a few seconds, stalling all traffic. All debugging efforts failed me, but I can’t imagine everyone has the same problem. It was on a new x58 / Core i7 setup.

I ended up sadly going back to the wireless NIC and its 2.4 GHz baggage. It’s very reliable at least.

I have one of these bad boys and it works pretty darned well. Looking at Airlink’s website, there are newer versions available. I like it because there’s some decent length on the cabling to the antenna ray (which has a magnetic base).