Wireless Paging?

Is there a product out there that’s basically a pager you can send text to through your existing wireless infrastructure? We’re looking to allow our receptionist to be able to page a doctor or nurse when a patient has arrived, for example, but don’t want to go as far as giving them one of the fully featured wireless Cisco phones. Any ideas?

A mobile phone?

We’re trying to do this fairly cheaply, so we don’t want to roll out phones - like I said, we have Cisco wireless IP phones but we don’t want to have to spend the money on the additional hardware and licensing fees. We’d like just a device, much like a pager but that we can just send texts accross our own wireless to display text. Probably with some web interface we could get to to input the text onto, I imagine? I’ve been looking, it seems like no one makes a product like that, which is a shame.

I should also mention we have found some but they use their own RF radio, so we’d have to set up an entirely seperate RF infrastructure (which would likely also interfere with our existing wireless infrastructure).

I just looked and at current prices, the entire package of giving a Cisco phone to a user is about $600, and the people getting these devices would never even use them to make a call or anything. Ugh.

\casts Google Wifi Pager

Ekahau T301BD Wi-Fi Pager


Nice! Thanks Zylon, I’ll take a look at it - it definately would be perfect, depending on pricing.