Wireless ps2 and Gamecube controllers

The 360 has spoiled me. I just can’t take the cords anymore.

For the cube, I assume the wavebird is still king? Is there an equivalent clear winner on the playstation side?

I just hooked my PS2 back up and couldn’t go with a wired controller. So I got the Logitech ps2 wireless version. So far, so good. Works flawlessly, there was no setup, just put batteries in and turned it on, worked.

I’ve only had it a week or two, but so far, it’s perfect.

The Logitech one is definitely the best. You can use multiples on the same system and don’t even have to worry about adjusting channels like the wavebird, they are automatically ‘paired’. Since Sony never made their own branded wireless controller, I can’t even think of one that would compare to the logitech.

The wavebird is best for the Gamecube, especially since they dropped the price a little while ago (I know my Wal-mart has them for ~$25… seems to be out of stock online, so I can’t confirm).

It’s no contest on either platform as everybody has already pointed out. The Logitech will run forever on the same set of batteries if you turn off vibrate and the wavebird is still king for the GC. I generally hate third party console controllers, but the Logitech is quality.

Yeah, the Logitech controller kicks ass. And battery life is awesome even with vibration- I’ve got 40-50 hours and more before needing to swap batteries.

I use both the Logitech PS2 and the Wavebird. The only knock I have on the Logitech is that I’ve replaced 2 controllers (Xbox & PS2) because the A (Xbox) and X (PS2) buttons started sticking after about 8-10 months of use. For some reason, they don’t use a spring mechanism for the buttons (like the 360 controllers), they use a rubber pad that eventually loses its bounce-back (for lack of a better phrase).

Logitech will do a warranty replacement, though.

I’ve got a Logitech PS2, Logitech Xbox, and Wavebird. I’m thrilled with the Wavebird and very happy with the Logitech’s PS2 controller. My Logitech Xbox controller just started going up (as in the direction), constantly, so I’m less than happy. It was great for a year or so, though.

Logitech ps2 (just make sure you get the one with rumble, there is a cheaper model without rumble).
Logitech xbox (only maybe 20hrs on it but so far so good)
Wavebird gc/wii

All are just excellent except I wish the wavebird had rumble.

I’ve had some problems with the Logitech on the PS2. It’s great when it works. My wavebirds have been awesome.

Wow, I didn’t even realize Nintendo had a branded wireless controller!

I bought four of the Pelican wireless Gamecube controllers for my Wii ($20 each, I think they were) they seem to work just fine.

If it’s really been about a year, call Logitech. They’ll do warranty service if the serial number’s still covered.