Wireless Router for DS... and other stuff

quick and dirty:

Linksys, D-Link or Netgear?

linksys or D-link. Fuck netgear.

Agreed. I had a netgear router, and no ends of problems with the thing just not working. Replaced it with a linksys WRT54G, and I’m happy now.

I use linksys, though I had to try a few times before it would play nice with WEP for some reason.

I had big problems with a Netgear Pre-N router. My Linksys WRT54G works nicely.

I am shopping on friday so I will check but thanks for the input. Appreciate it.

My D-Link was a one shot success. Entered the WEP key and I’ve been connecting ever since.

It’s hard to beat a wrt54g with one of the sveasoft firmwares. If you’re tech savvy, I strongly recommend it. If not, not so much.