Wireless speaker advice

Does anyone have wireless speakers that they might recommend? My wife had gotten me an early father’s day gift of the Acoustic Research indoor/outdoor speakers: http://www.smarthome.com/8235.html after hearing them at a friend’s party. She said they worked great at the party, but after hooking them up at the house (transmitter hooked to the pc/ITunes) and setting up the speaker about 30 feet away outdoors, the music was constantly cutting out and getting lots of static. The transmitter offered three different channels, but none really worked satisfactorally and I ended up returning them.

The gift idea was great though, and she still wants us to have them since they are great for parties, but before we buy another set, I was hoping to solicit some recommendations. If it matters (not sure if this caused the problem at our house) we have a fairly large wireless network that spans all three floors of the house as well as 2.8mHz(?) phones in most of the rooms.

Having played around with a few different types of wireless speakers, the only ones that haven’t had massive interference problems have been my Logitech Z-5450s which use Bluetooth.

This isn’t a direct answer to your question for a few reasons, because the Z-5450s are a surround sound set that just have wireless rear speakers and you seem to be looking for a more traditional stereo speaker set with wireless, also Logitech seems to have stopped making the 5450s anyway. But I recommend looking into Bluetooth based speakers if you really want wireless. The only potential con is the range for Bluetooth is somewhat limited, but 30 feet should be ok… maybe.