Wireless surround?

We’re going to be replacing the carpet in our den soon. At the moment, the wires for the rear speakers in my 5.1 setup run under the carpet. I’m not going to want to do that with new carpet, so I’m exploring going wireless for the rear speakers.

I’d like not to replace my receiver, etc. Can any of you recomment wireless options? Any of you have a setup you like? Thanks!

I’ve wanted a good wireless solution to this same problem for a long time now. I looked into wireless speakers when I bought my receiver and everything seemed to indicate that wireless speakers just weren’t there yet. Lots of issues with delay and interference.

That was a couple of years ago though and if anyone knows differently now I would love to hear it!

Chiming in as one looking for information. I would love some back speakers but frankly my wife will kill me if I put more wires around our house and I would rather not as well.

I am a bit leery about wireless in my house though. It doesn’t work very well. My router is 15 feet from my bedroom- 1- feet down a hall and then through a door to the right and 5 more feet. Sitting on my bed, even that distance slightly around a corner cuts my signal in 1/2 or less. Stepping back from the doorway cuts that by 1/2 again. And I had to switch to wired headphones in my living room- I tried about 4 brands of wireless -sitting directly in front of the transceiver and still got static and interference even at 10 feet. I think I have some kind of really weird shit in my walls.

I’ve never heard anything good about wireless speakers. Even if you get the signal there, you have to worry about power which means a power cord or batteries.

Can you look into other options for getting the speaker wire over there? Options include such things as:

  1. Run speaker wires behind baseboard (I did this in my house - there’s a space at the bottom of the drywall).
  2. Fish wires through walls/ceiling (can be frustrating depending on room).
  3. Make a trench in the wall/ceiling for speaker wire, fill in and repaint. (Pain in the ass).
  4. Get flat speaker wire, which might make running under your carpet a lot more feasible.
  5. Use flat speaker wire right on top of existing walls and spackle/paint over it.

Getting power to them is not a problem - there’s an outlet on the wall where the rear speakers hang now.

None of those options are very appealing, but I may look into the fishing option.

Hmm - this appears to be a fairly inexpensive solution. I may have to give it a try.

This appears to be a fairly inexpensive solution. I may have to give it a try.

If you have a single story house of relatively modern manufacture, all you really need to run speaker wire outlets to your remote stations is attic access to the appropriate walls. For my living room, it wouldn’t work, because the speakers are on an outside wall with a bunch of windows and I’d have to be no bigger than six inches tall to get over to there. Just make sure that you note the length of your runs somewhere for later calibration. One significant upside to that is that you can use the gigantic, thick, impossible-to-use-in-a-room-because-seriously cables for the wall run with comparatively short exposed runs to the actual speakers.

If you’re floating in the middle of the room, though, or if you’re on a complicated wall to reach, it might be worth your money to just hire a dude to come run cables. Generally, anybody who will do a cable install or an ethernet drop or a phone run can do a speaker drop, since there is literally absolutely no mechanical difference in methodology between any of those things.

I have a Samsung 5.1 with wireless rear speakers. My main issue, that I didn’t consider before I got it, is that the receiver for the rear speakers has a fan inside it, for receiver cooling. It makes noise as it increases in operating speed, depending on ambient room temperature.

Depending on what you’re watching and how loud you watch it, that noise can get annoying at times. Other receivers may not have such a fan, or may have quieter ones. However, knowing what I know now, I’d go with wired and have no extra noise worries at all.

The receiver is on an outside wall, obviously very close to where the roof meets the house, so I don’t know that there’s enough room for anyone to run those cables into the attic.

There needs to be a speaker solution like the Powerline networking. I’m pretty sure the outlet where the receiver is is on the same circuit as the outlet near my rear speakers.

If you aren’t up to DIY with a magnepull or wall fishing wire, you can pay someone to run them for you fairly cheaply Jerry. Around here you’d be looking at about 30-50$ per run location, so assuming 2 drop locations, 60-100 bucks.

I would recommend that especially if you already have power at the point you want the speaker wire.

I bought the Vizio VHT510 5.1 wireless surround system when I moved into my new apartment. It’s not for use with a receiver, so you’re not going to get super fancy effects, but it works well enough for me. I have all my devices (TiVO, Xbox 360, PS3, AppleTV) sending HDMI video to my TV and optical audio to an optical audio switcher, which then controls what audio the soundbar gets.

It’s toally acceptable for my apartment and the lack of wires is pretty awesome. The two rear speakers plug into the subwoofer for power. Since you can put the sub anywhere it works well.

That Rocketfish kit worked really well for me a few years ago. The receiver doesn’t have a fan like some other systems do. The rear speakers would let out a lonely chirp or pop a few times a day though. A minor nuisance, but well worth the convenience.

I picked up the rocketfish product you linked, Jerri, over the summer and it works fine. It does what it says it will do, I’m no audiophile so I can’t critique the sound quality, etc, but with the Polk satellite speakers I hooked up for the back it sounds fine to me.

Thanks, guys. I got in my attic to check out the situation, and I think I’d rather not run wires if I can help it.