Wireless usb

I bought my wife a compact stereo for Christmas that has an usb input. It’s supposed to hook directly to your computer and work with music match to play files. I want to put the stereo in another room, it’s for the kitchen, but would still like to take advantage of the connection. Is there a way to wirelessly connect the usb output from a pc to the usb input on the stereo?

Not yet, but reference designs for USB Client Wireless dongles and Wireless USB hubs were released last week. Look for products this summer.

Depending on how far it is, a big long USB extension cable might work. In practice, more than 15 feet or so is asking for trouble, but it might be worth a try.

Wireless USB is one of those things that’s always in the press but never actually appears, like nano-ITX motherboards (3 inches squared!), Duke Nukem and the Second Coming.