Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


As a follically challenged individual, I take umbrage! :)


Is the center fascist wearing a Masons pin?


It is. I can’t wait until the Drain the Swamp crowd gets ahold of that.


So bizarre. Not that I have any issue with freemasons but it seems an odd choice for an official gathering. Particularly given their rule about being non political.



Yep. In place of an American flag pin. Call me paranoid, but that strikes me as a pretty blatant message.


I’ve been shaving my head for 15 years. These guys are going to ruin it for me, aren’t they?


The QAnon nuts are gonna lose their shit when they see the Mason’s pin.



The fucking nazis ruined my old avatar. Abradolf Lincler isn’t so funny with actual nazis around.


You have to grow Armando hair now.


This phase of Trump’s face is typically known as “bronzing crescent”.


Ohhhh now I know exactly who you are! See, @tomchick, avatars were a mistake because my brain isn’t capable of associating a single distinct and continuous online persona with multiple visual representation!

In glorious eternal Penbladian Hegemony, all will have hair that flows like dark river.


Y’all underestimating the power of motivated thinking.


So wait…do QAnon nutters and Conservatives dislike Freemasons for some reason?


Yeah I’m surprised about that. A few tweets that is happened but not the huge ado I expected.


What is the ELI5 of QAnon and Freemasons? They don’t like it?


Masons are a common Target of Illuminati conspiracy theories.


Random words capitalized, we’re all Turning into mini trumps


I assumed that the big-box store had an aisle full of Illuminati products.