Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Some intrepid reporter should go interview furloughed federal workers to see what messages they have for Donnie. Though I’m not sure their editors will let them print that kind of language.


I thought they were mostly Democrats, Donny? Time for this orange piece of shit to go to prison.


Far more important that we waste money on a wall that will never be built than pay for my kids’ food or rent for our apartment. We’re with you, sir!


Yeah, Freemasons and Jews as the secret enemies are the default for these groups.


Slowed down he sounds just like a rambling drunk.



The slowed down drunk Trump is the most amazing thing ever.



Lots of other things…


Came here to post this link. This is truth.



It’s like people forget everything he said and did before yesterday.


The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Trump is but a vessel through which His works flow. The evangelicals told me so.


What do you have in common with your daughter?
“Well I was going to say sex, but i guess i can’t say that.”


Like, it seems like it means he has sex with his daughter.


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!


Well I won’t be casting any stones.

But it says nothing about lobbing hand grenades.



How long until Bolton is out?


Now they forced out the pentagon’s chief of staff.

The new GOP position is apparently, “politicians know better than generals how to run the military.”


They’re just following Clemenceau’s dictum.


This is over 2 weeks old, but just to present another perspective: