Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Basically : We will not leave the sheep unprotected until we have assurances from the wolves that they will not eat the sheep as soon as we leave.

Assurances, you can take that to the bank! I’m sure it will work out just fine.


You are vastly underappreciating the value of a double pinky swear.


Even if one pinky is smaller than ISO standard?


Which ISO is pinky size listed under? I lose track.


Maybe his money is talking to him.


The Supreme Court has ruled that money is speech, after all.


Pretty sure he’s just totally lost it at this point.


I was with him here. There were lots of judgment mistakes many years ago, and we are in a seemingly endless war. Obama tried to distangle us, but couldn’t.

Of course, then he goes off the deep end, talking as if it would be okay if we were getting paid for endless war. And it will eventually come to a glorious end? What is that supposed to be mean?


Humanity’s existence is a series of endless wars.


Not we getting paid, him getting paid


The war on terror seems more endless than others. And doesn’t seem to ever require congressional approval anymore.


That is rather slippery of you, Agent Starling.


“War. War never changes.”


What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!


Erdogan tells Bolton to swivel.


I scrolled down that whole tweet and only saw 2 trumpers. I guess the bots abandoned him for good.


“A glorious end”? Are we leaving Germany by invading Russia?


Shitgibbon is butt-hurt and lashing out


Ok. Can we stop sending them federal tax money then?


Most of California’s recent wildfires didn’t even take place in forests.

This fuckin guy, I swear.