Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Right, but as the Mueller investigation continues to close in, do you really expect it to suddenly start rising again? Or is it more likely to continue to drop? Who knows what Trump will do next to distract from the numerous crimes he, his family, and cohorts are likely to have committed.


Healthcare, housing, and education costs continue to outpace the current low wage growth. Friends in manufacturing have expressed concern to me about how they’re going to pass on their increased costs due to the tariffs, while still staying competitive… one of their companies has recently had to back off of an expansion. The stock market has taken a massive hit in the last six months… and digging deeper into retail many of what I’d consider “luxury” brands have been hit hard, while the “cheaper” brands are doing well.

There are plenty of signs that things could take a turn.


I’m just pointing out that the numbers are very high.

On some level here, this is reminiscent of discussions i had with Trump supporters in 2016, telling to explain that the economy was strong, despite what Trump was saying.

Folks, we have all the same economic indicators… Most are actually better than when Obama left office.

The economy is strong by any reasonable metric… or, if you think it isn’t, did you think the same in 2016?


Right, but it’s gone up roughly 25 points during the Trump Presidency. And now it’s dropped about 20% in the past few months. Doesn’t that seem concerning or indicate that confidence is dropping rapidly? 20% of his confidence gains has been wiped out.


There are reasonable metrics by which it isn’t strong, and yes, I felt the same way in 2016.


I don’t think the Russia investigation has any effect on consumer confidence. No matter how many Trump misdeeds are brought to light, my spending doesn’t change in the slightest. And if by some miracle Trump ends up leaving office, then consumer confidence should increase with the probable lifting of tariffs.


Some sort of war or invasion would certainly shake things up though. As the investigation continues to close in, what lengths will Trump go to in order to distract from his demise? Or more tariffs, or the next trade war, etc. Or as a lot of people suddenly realize that they’re NOT getting the tax break that the GOP promised them when they file their 2018 taxes. That might erode some confidence on its own.


Eh, it goes up and down. Look at the graph.


Which is how Trump won in a lot of ways. He tapped into the fact that everyone is saying “the economy is good,” while a lot of people were seeing that it was shit for them. It’s a valid complaint. The next recession if it hits soon will break a lot of people. You can’t tell them everything is great because the stock market is strong while they work 2 jobs with no benefits and can’t make ends meet.


Indeed, both factors could be explained by a decline in worker’s bargaining power. The stock market is high because profits are high because people find it hard to get wage increases in line with their productivity.


As someone on the internet wrote, hoping he grows taste buds on his ass.


I can’t take two more years of this shit.


There economy is crashing”
“Perhaps they should go back to school!”

The man can’t even get through one tweet without a self-own.

Attacking your own Intelligence agencies is probably just about the dumbest thing you could possibly do while currently under investigation by special counsel. Disregarding their intel is probably just about the dumbest thing you could possibly do while serving as Commander In Chief. I sense a pattern…


And nothing but praise for Putin, MBS and Kim Jong-un.

I know, right? I’m constantly gob smacked that anyone can support this stain of a human being…


I’m amazed that the CIA took out JFK and Trump is still here.


Imagine if the 2018 midterms had gone badly, McCarthy was speaker, and the media narrative was about Trump being validated by that result.

It could be so much worse.


I love the idea that our pulling out of the Iranian nuclear treaty some how resulted in Iran becoming much better but still a threat. Thank god he unilaterally withdrew from that treaty! Can you imagine how much worse they would be if we were still in that deal? It’s a good thing Trump was around to keep them straight


Nightmare fuel right there.


Nor me. When will Armando have his Fortress of Democracy island nation up and running? I’m going to need somewhere a lot more stable to retire.