Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Their near-total insincerity about everything else?


I’d say the not-insignificant number of them who don’t seem to have a problem with it when it’s their own mistress or indiscretion that ends up pregnant is proof that the majority only pay lip service to the idea to gain votes.

Hypocrisy seems to be the cornerstone of the GOP platform these days.


Ok, so the Republicans have affairs then have their mistresses get abortions. But what about the Dems that keep talking about healthcare for all, and then get their kids vaccinated to prevent the need of that healthcare? Huh? What about them?!



For two years between early 2017 and this month the GOP had effective control of all three branches of government. They could have brought forth any number of bills or court-cases that would have tested Roe v. Wade, and used parliamentary trickery like “reconciliation” to get it past the Senate (or simply used the “Nuclear Option” to ensure passage in a majority GOP government).

They did Jack Shit. They didn’t even take a meaningful swipe at Planned Parenthood beyond adding it as a poison-pill in anti-ACA bills that they already knew would fail.

And of course they were wise not to try.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Abortion is far more valuable to the Right as an election issue than it is as a goal. The GOP (and the Dems) know that the red second that they actually make abortion illegal they will be swept from office in a wave that will make last November look crimson by comparison. It is in the Republican’s best interests to keep Abortion legal, chip away at the edges of it in deep red states and maybe pass a dumbass restriction here and there that they hope will be be overturned by the courts so they can complain about “activist judges”.


Damn, you’re right. Hypocritical Dems, why won’t they not think of the children?


I had one experience that will always kind of sum up the anti-choice crowd for me.

When I lived in Canada, I had a girlfriend whose father was French Canadian and a staunch Roman Catholic. The guy was as opposed to abortion as you could possibly get: it was sick, immoral, baby murder. He made sure that his daughters knew that.

This was years before I knew her when she was a teenager, but my girlfriend was in high school (a Catholic school), she did as teenagers do and unfortunately ended up getting pregnant. What a terrifying position for her to be in; not only is she a teenager who found out she’s carrying a baby, but how on earth is she going to tell her father?

Well, eventually she got up the courage and broke the news to her parents. Of course her father was apoplectic, how could his little princess to turn out to be such a whore? But the part that really disgusted me what he did after that.

He absolutely put all the pressure he possibly could on her to force her into having an abortion. Yeah, Mssr. Roman Catholic who reviled anyone who got an abortion (and still did, by the time I met him a few years later) was doing everything in his power to make sure his daughter got one. All so that he didn’t have the shame of having it be known what a whore his daughter was. She was adamant about keeping the child, and she did, but in doing so she was forced out of the house and had to find elsewhere to live for the next couple years. Her father pretty much disowned her for a time.

This had some pretty horrible consequences. She spiraled into a severe depression that she never fully recovered from, eventually culminating in a serious suicide attempt and a hospitalization. This is what eventually finally brought her father around to re-establishing a relationship, but by the time I met her a few years later, she was still battling with those demons. She still battled with them by the time we split up, and sadly may very well still be today, if she’s still around.

This was the most religious and anti-choice person I’ve ever met, and he practically destroyed his daughter’s life in his attempts to force her into having an abortion. And lets not pretend this is some crazy isolated incident. How many times do you see the biggest anti-choice crusaders in the Republican party busted for extramarital affairs and the abortions they paid for to cover it up?

So many people I see that are anti-choice are the same people talked about in the “Why do Trump voters vote for Trump?” threads. Abortions are only needed by those other people’s sluts, they just need to make better choices and keep their legs closed. Just like it’s only those other people that don’t deserve welfare/disability/government services.

Fuck them all. How about we let the women themselves decide what is best for themselves, instead of a bunch of white men in Washington? White men who are rich and powerful enough to ship off their mistresses elsewhere to get their abortions done.


A lot it has to do with the long held Republican stance that women & gay men shouldn’t have sex, unless it’s with the Republican in question.


As predicted, Trump is just gonna pretend that he’s building the wall.


Honestly, that’s the best possible solution. I wish more of his agenda was just pretend with no effects on the world outside his imagination.


I saw him on TV this morning saying just that. How they been given $1.8b and the later $1.6 and that they were building the wall, although he then said most of it went to tearing down old wall and putting up new wall. He also sounded as though the National emergency declaration was a sure thing.


Will no one rid us of this meddlesome man?



It obviously was Trump Tower Moscow, Iowa.


or Moscow, Idaho.


This is the face I make when watching people take the cinnamon challenge.


I still think we should cut Trump a giant casino check for “5.6 bazillion dollars”.


I’ve shown you this before. I’ll show you again:



Let’s hear it for the heroes of ICE and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.


And I will watch it again! And again!


If Congress has to ratify treaties for them to go into effect, why the hell do they not have to ratify decisions to leave them?