Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


No, I think there’s no way Gillespie does this, sacrificing his own run for Governor in order to get the Dems later.


Looks like a guy concerned about a national emergency.


Tiger fits the Trump mold so well. Cheated on his wife, wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, and apparently has no ability to recognize a bad photo op when it presents itself.


I wonder how many golfing tips Trump feels obliged to give to those guys.


I’m guessing Jack and Tiger we’re enjoying a round when Trump showed up and crashed their party.


Wow, Nicklaus is really looking old in that photo. Also, is Trump getting fatter? That stomach of his seems to jut out even more.



I’m guessing he will still be tipping the scale at a svelte 239 when his physical happens next week. /s


Trump is in President Taft territory as far as physical specimens go.


He’s sporting a seriously hefty trunk. Going to give Taft a run for his money as the biggest Prez ever!


60% of his workday. 60%. Wow.





“Executive time” means on the crapper ranting on Twitter right?


Or watching Fox


Trump squeezing out a nasty one while watching Fox is pretty close to what I imagine hell is.


♫ It’s the circle of life ♫


He made queso.


uff, I am a bit heavy-weighted myself, and that’s one thing I would never call him out. Even if he’s such an a*hole and narcissist, faking his weight and whatever, c’mon


Whereas as a self-loathing fat man, I view it as an entirely reasonable angle of mockery. I mean, just one of an almost infinite variety thereof, so of course it probably isn’t reasonable as a common attack vector, but one nonetheless!


Yeah, when he’s specifically said he’s the fittest President ever, his doctor is obviously lying about his weight, and he prides himself on appearance for some reason, it seems like a valid thing to attack. It’s sad that we lose much better people every day to heart disease, etc, while he somehow keeps ticking along.

And don’t forget about the constant coordinated attacks on Clinton’s health, despite her obviously obese unhealthy out-of-shape opponent.