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Religious texts and traditions were created by mankind, so it seems logical to me that human/chicken came before the religion/egg; such bigoted feelings had to exist in the first place in order for them to have been perpetuated.


Religion isn’t the only system of thought subject to doctrinaire attitudes, fostering hatred, yada yada.

My beef with religion is that I don’t think its claims happen to be true. But without it I doubt we’d have trouble coming up with other reasons to kill each other. I suspect a lot of political ideologies fire off the same neuron patterns as religions anyway. They just don’t explicitly talk about supernatural entities.


Yeah, it’s tribalism. I guess religion is good at expanding the tribe beyond immediate geography. It’s a different way of attracting loyalty.

One of the interesting things I was once told from a Jewish person is that the religion doesn’t proselytize, unlike Christianity and Muslim faiths which are aggressive about proselytization. I have some respect for that.


Me too, but the difference in population size between Judaism and Christianity/Islam suggests that from a strictly Darwinian standpoint proselytization is a powerful adaptation.


Make America safe again [for Presidents]!


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Setting aside whether it’s inherent in religion, there really isn’t any doubt that lots of people believe problematic things because they’ve been indoctrinated in those things for religious reasons since they were children. To that extent, it is religion that causes the malice.

If you really believe e.g. gay people are sinners or e.g. doctors who perform abortions are mass murderers of babies, and you believe these things because mom & dad & kind Father Joe told you that god said so from the time you were an infant, then your malice toward gay people is religious malice.

Religion doesn’t have to be evil, but it seems to be with alarming frequency.


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I think religion by itself isn’t the problem. Man required something and religion filled that void. But religions are run by people who take the tenets of that religion and subvert it to their own purpose. That has, and always will be, a problem. You see moderate and even liberal churches, and they are that way because their leadership wants it that way.


Well put.


I think it’s great that most religious folks somehow believe they were born into the one true religion.

Just because their parents happen to live in a particular area that mainly practices a particular religion, well that must be the true way of things.


In fairness, people tend to internalize that the way they grew up is the one true right way to live. That happens to include their religious beliefs but it’s hardly limited to or caused by religious beliefs.


I love the way you word this. Because it is so right on the mark, and yet so wrong-headed. Not because it’s an inept observation, but because of the opposite.

My family found their way to Christianity, and once they did, it became like the understanding of a royal birthright. I had to convert and decide to get baptized, because I was almost a teenager and had to make that “choice” as my parents had a couple years before. But when my sister was born when I was fourteen…she was an automatic Christian. She still had to jump through the accept-Jesus-into-your-heart John 3:16 hoop, but it was a given.

The reason I find this fascinating is that a religion like Christianity is inherently a choice. Whereas being gay, is not.

It’s weird that one is protected and pretends to be under assault in this country, while assaulting the other. [Yes, I realize this is a generalization. And that I’m using the term “assault” not to just mean physical violence, but vocal…and legal.]



Well, not really. Some religious folks think that other religions may be valid too. For instance Judaism teaches Jews the rules they have to follow, but leaves open the possibility that others do or believe differently. Buddhists are allowed to simultaneously subscribe to other religions. And the relationship between Islam and Judaism/Christianity is kind of like that between relativity and Newtonian physics: the latter was not “wrong” per se, but it’s been superceded.

Christians are really the exception, they are commanded to spread their religion.


Running through some lives on a simulator like this:


should be mandatory in our schools. Would give people a better appreciation of just how lucky they are to be in their particular situation. I plan on “playing” this with my girls so they understand more about the world abroad. SPOILER: Most of your “lives” in this game will start out in India or China.


Your situation is not unique, but it isn’t the most common. Most people simply ‘are’ the religion to which they were born.

I’ve long thought the same as @rowe33, but with the point being that I find it amazing more people do not realize that they would be just as religiously religious about a different religion, had they only been born somewhere else. It was a ‘religions of the world’ day in elementary Sunday school that caused me to think that thought, and I never looked back.


This looks interesting and I was going to show this to my grade-school daughter. Then I read a review on RPS, and I think I’ll need to wait a bit.

At 14 I’m given the choice of whether to start smoking or not. I decline. At 15 the game asks whether I want to start making charitable donations which will benefit my conscience… I’m a teenage orphan working as a subsistence farmer. “Decided not to give money to charity.” reads the in-game activity log. I click “okay” to move the game along. “You have been raped,” says the game.


Maybe get her to play This War of Mine instead, it might be more cheerful.


It’s based entirely on statistics unique to each country so I guess that would be a realistic scenario. Maybe screen the events each time they advance :D

It’s not a perfect program by any means but it does give a lot of great insight about your place in the world.


Yep, pretty much this. I know some fervently Christian gun nuts from Texas that I went to high school with, and they absolutely hate Muslims. Loathe them. Think they’re out to get all the God-fearing white folks. I mean they’re really f’ing crazy people. But if they were born in the Middle East instead…

I didn’t mean to sidetrack our great leader’s wisdom with a religious debate though, so sorry if I’ve gotten us off the rails a bit.