Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


This is an interesting point, I think. It is a bit hindered by the fact that if you are born to a mother who is Jewish, you are automatically a Jew. But people can decide to become Jewish. To convert. And make the decisions to observe holidays and laws like eating kosher food or removing Chametz from their homes during Passover.

Still, there is some validity to your point. With the caveat that while some religions might recognize your right to choose your own religion that is Other, they don’t think it’s valid. They just disregard it. Other religions want to eradicate those who subscribe to a different belief system.



You have not. He has chosen to Pinterest abortion as his 2020 plan. I’m in an online debate about late-term abortion with an online Christian friend, who insists upon talking about God when he makes points about babies brains being sucked out, but demands I not talk about how God doesn’t bother to stop this in my rebuttal. The president is clearly using religion as a fulcrum here, so you have no reason to apologize.



You can add skin color, financial status, and education as a few more things that you don’t choose when you’re born. If you’re born to a poor family in a bad school district, you’re going to get a shitty education. You’re going to grow up with fewer advantages than others with luckier birth situations. Yet Christianity’s alliance with the GOP ends up crapping on all of them. It’s such a bizarre arrangement.

My wife and I were both born into Catholic families but have long abandoned that faith and its various…“issues”. We didn’t have our girls baptized though they’re welcome to choose a religious path when they’re ready. I’ve gotten a little heat about it from my mom but that’s about it. It really doesn’t come up much at all. We chose not to saddle them with a religion that they didn’t choose but I don’t necessarily judge others for doing so. I do disagree with them though.


I’m in a similar boat. Not sure what size it is in cubits.

I do see the value in the relationships I made in my youth group, back in the day. For the most part. Some of them were crappy. But I can see why it was such a boon to my parents now that I’m the parent of a teenager. I mean, just for practical purposes. I had constructive use of my time. I was meeting decent people. I was, again for practical purposes, out of their hair for a few evenings a week. Youth group. Church softball. Choir. They could drop me off and not worry about what I was up to, and I had stuff for my college resume.

My kid goes to the mall. I mean, he does more than that. He plays soccer. But mainly he wants to go to the mall. I’m not as crazy about the friends he hangs out with there. Which is something my folks didn’t have to worry about as much. Since my best friend was the youth minister’s younger brother. So there were good things about it too.

I honestly didn’t even know that going to the mall was a thing anymore. It is. I figured Amazon had stopped that. Amazon has not.



I definitely understand that line of thinking & I’m sure my parents were the same. The church group is a safe place, where people of good character can get together, etc. Except all of these people are humans with their own personal evils and struggles. I think it’d be great if we had non-religious community groups where good values and morals were the connection instead of a common faith. Look at all the parents of altar boys & the like, who thought they were doing the right thing and keeping their kids out of trouble by letting them spend time alone with priests, just as an example. I know you already know all this, just a bit frustrated at the way much of society equates religious groups with good morals & behavior, despite the obvious hypocrisy it ignores.

I have no experience with the mall yet, as our girls are still babies at 7 and 4! And will remain that way, according to the verbal contracts they’ve each agreed to with me.


The best thing I’ve seen along these lines is the Kendo group I’ve had contact with in our area (Kendo is a martial art where people hit each other on the head with sticks). They are a small Korean group (so technically it’s Kumdo), and they are polite and utterly inclusive. The Master of the group (forgive me…I don’t know if the term ‘dojo’ is appropriate) also runs a youth volunteer organization that cleans up local parks.

The first time I had contact with them was when I went to watch a training session my girlfriend and her son were attending, as they had joined. It was at a local community center. I was shy about going in and was just going to stay outside the gym and watch through the doorway. One of the women members immediately approached me and welcomed me in, noting with a smile that I noticed to take off my shoes, and one of the men there immediately got me a chair and got me to sit down.

All that is to say that there are such community groups. We just have to seek them out. I’m having a hard time with that with my son, because I want him to have those experiences, but not at church or the mall.

That said, if my son were to choose a faith to follow, or a church to join, I’d be open to that. I’ve always been clear about that with him. I’d just help him navigate the choice. If you know what I mean. Having lived on both sides.



I appreciate the honesty and sharing in this thread, and I don’t want to seem flippant or disrespectful of your story here, but this comment mixed with the recent discussions of SJGames in other threads made me fondly remember the game ‘In Nomine’, which is an RPG which posits a supernatural contemporary world with literal Angels and Demons in a cold war on earth. With earthly centers of influence (“Tethers”) for each faction being places like churches O:) and malls 3:)

Edit: and apparently I never learned how to do discourse emojis 😇👿


This is actually fascinating, and I don’t find it flippant at all. Since when you mention Angels and Demons in a cold war on Earth, I immediately think of Constantine. So I like the connection.


“I’m thinking.”


We will always fight against socialism!

Unless it comes in the form of full blown authoritarian communism, at which point it will obviously become an economic powerhouse!


I have a FB friend. A former student actually. Pretty conservative. Supported Trump. Just posted about doing his taxes.

He is not pleased with the winning. “We will remember in 2020,” was at the end of his post.




That tweet would make a lot more sense if it followed the forceful annexation of South Korea.


The North Korean propagandists couldn’t hope for more; this must surpass all their expectations.

The North Korea regime is just about the closest thing to absolute evil there is in the world, and the blithering of that clown Trump must dampen the hope of Koreans trying to resist it on both sides of the border.


Socialism never works!


Trump makes me feel bad for Osama Bin Laden. If Bin Laden had just managed to survive for a few more years, he could have slipped a couple million dollars to the Trump Inaugural Committee and had the GOP licking Al Quada’s boots. Heck, another few million and Trump would probably call in a nuclear strike on Los Angeles. Bin Laden was so close to his ultimate victory, only to fail at the final juncture.


WTF is wrong with Trump? N. Korea is terrible. They imprisoned that American kid for trying to steal a propaganda poster. He was released 17 months later and never regained consciousness. Trump supports that? The guy is a traitor.


Well, yeah…


Kids still go to the mall? What decade is this?


I can’t get over the North Korea thing. I just can’t.


One of the replies to Trump:


Ya gotta admit, trump’s hair looks much better in that photo.