Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


That’s true. But a mangy raccoon atop his head would also look better.


What the actual fuck?



He actually looks fairly normal… Basically looks like some soviet bloc leader from the 80s.


Or Palpatine’s less qualified cousin.


I’m starting to think there’s not much that you could do in Photoshop to make him look worse. Everything ends up being an improvement.


Yeah, it’s an improvement.


Good lord this guy Whitaker is a tool.



Why what happened?


He found out that the reality of his “tax cuts” wasn’t such great news.



A lot of people aren’t getting the money from the tax bill they seemed to think they were getting.




I just did my taxes, and my refund was down a helluva lot more than 8%… and I owe the state money now. Granted, my wife worked a lot more and I got a substantial promotion, so we likely got bumped up a tier.



Apparently they reduced the withholding rate to make the effect on each paycheck look big. This is now backfiring since a lot of people now owe money at the end if the year. 12D chess!


That does make sense, and to be fair, my monthly take home pay did increase a bit.

Still, disappointing to miss a large refund.




What are we, animals?!



you omitted the /s