Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


That would then be yiff.


Isn’t it obvious?


I see Trump was quite busy on Twitter today. Nothing better to do I suppose?


I sit and tweet, I tweet and sit, and on a tweeting seat I shit.


…says the guy who spends most of his time fearmongering and demanding that his opponents be persecuted.


says the guy who’s been on a continual rant (along with other Republicans) for the past 20 years.


You realize he’s whispering “just let it happen” in our ear as he assaults us, right?


So… there’s no emergency at the southern border?


Err, yes, except for the caravans and the 42 million Latinos that are trying to force their way into the country at this very second. In fact, Fox & Friends has now verified that fourteen additional caravans have formed in response to my incredible SOTU address!




Look, just because I happen to end every tweet with my bitcoin wallet address, doesn’t mean I am necessarily soliciting bribes.


Was this an actual thing that happened??


Yup, more of a bug on the press secretary bot, than anything about Trump.

which I assume is the translation of this


Ah got it, thanks! Didn’t realize the President was tweeting out in Farsi now, assuming that’s what it is.


It was his most sensible tweet yet!


One can only hope they had someone professionally translate it to farsi, rather than just run it through google translate.


So, we’re going to war with Iran? Is that it?


Yes, but Mexico will pay for it.


Can somebody walk me through this newest wall compromise? I haven’t read up on it yet, so a thumbnail would be nice. To me a partial wall compromise sounds like being “kind of pregnant” so I’m not sure I’m getting it.

To me it’s either all or nothing. I think the wall is a dumb idea designed to cater to his idiot followers. And that it has nothing to do with security, in reality. And agreeing to a partial wall seems to bolster that take. But I may be wrong.



There’s basically no money for a wall in this deal. Same budget as last year.