Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


I dunno, I think Cohen telling us that Stone told Trump about Wikileaks’ pending email dumps is new, especially now that CNN is reporting that Trump denied that in his written responses to Mueller.

That aside, what this hearing does is reveal the extent of the rot in the GOP. So no, not news I guess.


The strength of the Cohen testimony isn’t in it’s revelations of new information, it’s in it’s confirmation of things we pretty much knew or suspected all along. Now, instead of being able to shrug much of this terrible stuff off as conspiracy theory, WITCHHUNT and fairy tales made up by overzealous Trump critics, America is being shown evidence by someone who was on the inside that much of what was rumored is actually true. Plus, while Cohen may not be the most reliable witness on his own, his testimony is being backed up by plenty of documentation and other evidence taken from his office, home and personal communications.

Cohen was never meant to be the “smocking gun”…he’s just setting the stage for what’s to come.


Yeah, because that’s going to matter.


Maybe not to Fox News zombies, but in the grand scheme of things, especially in terms of how it’s framed in history, it absolutely does matter. The Nixon Presidency is a good example of this. Facts and evidence matter, even if a certain subset of people have no interest in believing them at the time they’re presented.


It’s not about convincing Trump’s base. It’s about convicing Dems that they need to win the damn election, not tear each other apart in the primaries over relatively small differences.

And also ‘moderate independents,’ to the extent there are enough to swing anything.


A little light relief…


Peeps gotta eat!


“I mean, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on at any time, so I assume that’s how it works with all leaders.”


That is simply amazing.


Next up Stalin didnt know that people were being sent to the gulag and died.


To spare us all the damage of watching Hannity’s show tonight, the Fox web site has the highlights.

Hannity also asked Trump about border security and Republicans who voted against the wall.
“If we had a wall, we wouldn’t have to apprehend. People wouldn’t come into our country. Drugs wouldn’t come into our country,” Trump said.

So there.

They also make sure you know what it is really all about, in the very next sentence:

“Hannity” finished the month of February as the top-rated cable news program, averaging 3.2 million viewers.


Overcompensate much?



50/50 if that’s a thumbs up or the launch sequence for a Hannity Handy.


Hannitty finished as the… top-rated “news” program.



LOL! “Hey mom, did you see me on CBS News tonight!?”


“…but I am eating healthily, mom! … actually it DOES count as a vegetable…”


Yup. Even Trump is not this stupid. He knows very well Kim Jong Un is a murderous scumbag. Trump actually likes dictators who murder their own people, as his love in with Saudi Arabia & Putin also indicates.


A few months back some person was attacking capitalism and said that the gulag never even happened, and it was all just US propaganda.


I remember a professor in Moscow in the 90s trying to explain that Stalin did what he did, because he had to.