Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Had a similar experience. It was an interesting look into what we’re willing to rationalize away in the effort to avoid cognitive dissonance.


My 2 year old daughter uses that argument a lot.

“Why are you jumping up and down on the bed at 11 PM?”
“I have to!”


Well, I shortened it a bit :), you could tack on “… in order to save the nation.” and a bunch of other stuff. Basically it was all about preparing to defend the motherland.


Looks like severe global warming hit NYC already.


Apparently the Rockies are growing at an exponential rate.


I would definitely pay $60K for that. Or was it $80K? No matter, as long as DJT is floating me the cash to buy it.


Is that Trump’s face on the eastern seaboard, and is he wearing the Rockies as a hairpiece?


GOP wish fulfillment. Drown out the liberals.

Hey does stable genius mean smartest one in a stable full of horses?


Was this a child’s painting contest?



…and he’s still going!


Maybe he’s trying to filibuster his presidency.





Phony deal indeed.



my brain hurts when it absorbs the words of this moron



Love me some Banana’s.