Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation



So is Trump getting opinions from a source other than Fox, now?


It’s not “just*” climate change. As I said.

*just in quotes because if they deny climate change, then why trust anyone else they pay to write opinions or ‘research’?

Edit to add: People can certainly disagree on which policies to implement to mitigate climate change. That it exists is not up for debate.


As I said in my reply to Timex, I don’t trust any source tied with the Koch brothers. Others of course are free to disagree. To be fair, https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ gives them a decent rating (center/right bias but with high ratings for factual reporting.)


If it’s well written and sourced, then that would be why.

That’s short sighted and misguided.
As an example, Reason writes about things like drug legalization, and reduction of police abuse. These aren’t Koch talking points.


I think it’s reasonable to be wary of some sources, but that doesn’t mean you discount them out of hand.
Well, unless it’s something like Info Wars or Breitbart where they blatantly lie and peddle conspiracy theories, then it would have to be extraordinary, with strong evidence to even consider them.

Reason is mostly reasonable even if I don’t agree with them all the time. In my head they’re a generally right-leaning HuffPost, though I could be wrong. I tend to have the same reaction and similar wariness to both.


And two whole people clicked on that link I provided that showed other examples.
But whatever.
Edit: I should start finishing my posts before clicking save. Derp.
Anyway, I’m not going to justify my opinion of the Koch brothers and anything they support.
As I stated earlier, others can disagree.


Both of those issues are Koch talking points. They also commit money to support their stance on those issues.


If the Koch brothers want to legalize drugs and reduce police abuse, then maybe they aren’t that bad.


This is where the narrator tells the audience “They are”.


Hitler could have opened an animal rescue and he’d still be hitler.

Social policies like drugs and gay rights I consider too easy to accept, they mean fuck all. The hard ones are economic. People aren’t gonna let go of their money and power.


I mean, could someone really be that bad if the trains ran on time?


The Koch brothers have a strong libertarian ethos, so there is some crossover to progressives.

But they are very strong cultural forces behind climate change denial and against expansion of health care. So… “not that bad” depends on how much weight you give those issues as well






Biggest fraud in American history. Quite possibly world history.


This has got to be the most pathetic story about Trump I’ve seen so far. What a loser.



It’s been nice knowing you, Alaska, but China will take good care of you.


I guess what surprises me is that there was -some- foresight at some point to bury that stuff. That was long before election time. Trump today seems like a lost idiot, so was he more lucid then or was he taking direction from someone to prep him for a run loooong before he jumped into the arena?