Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Probably his army of lawyers.

DJT, the ultimate fraud in perhaps human history, assumes everyone else is as fraudulent as he is.


What I read made it sound like it was associates of Trump that made the call, not Trump himself. So it might have been others trying to clean things up once he opened his mouth about Obama’s grades.


But that’s what he always does. “That school better not release my transcripts.”, etc. Then someone acts on it.


Didn’t Trump flirt with running in 2012? That may be the source of the foresight.


That and he’d been hammering Barry about his college grades.






Haha Haha



You call Obama Barry?


People who hammer Obama on grades and birth certificates do. He was using the nomenclature of people like Trump when talking about Trump. Kinda like when people refer to the US as “Murica!” when speaking about a particular crowd.


Trade Wars are easy


I also sometimes refer to him as Barry in some posts, eg 👉

Barry come back, any kind of fool could see
There was something in everything about you
Barry come back, you can blame it all on us
We were wrong, and we just can’t live without you


In 2011 Trump was markedly more lucid than in 2015, just as 2015 Trump was more capable than what we have now.


Hopefully we are approaching his half life.




Almost all of my ultra-right wing friends (granted, all one of them) always referred to Obama as Barry. This was also the same person who said that Obama wasn’t his president, but after DJT was elected, the libtards had to suck it up and accept DJT as their president, becase, 'Merica.


That doesn’t surprise me. I’m just surprised to see it here. It has serious racist roots, i.e. the time-honored racist approach of treating grown black men as boys.


I sometimes refer to the loathsome tangerine carbuncle as “Donnie” to subtly show contempt which might otherwise go unnoticed.

So I always thought “Barry” was racist-neutral.


Same. I mean, people call Trump a lot of names too. Donnie is used a lot. There probably is some racial aspect to it, but it isn’t as racist as all of the muslim stuff they were saying, so I guess the signal to noise ratio is enough that Barry didn’t stand out to me.


It is only conscious effort that keeps me from posting the Lebowski ‘shut the fuck up Donnie’ meme every time I see something he says.