Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


What context are you talking about? Do you think someone in this thread called him Barry because they were being racist, or even “non-racist-ly” demeaning?

When Timex said he didn’t think anyone in this thread was using it that way, you were quick to respond with “Who said it was?”, but I don’t understand what your point is if you’re not accusing someone here of using it wrong. Can you clarify that?


Yeah… If there’s no suggestion that anyone did anything wrong, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.


When he was elected I was part of a forum that included quite a few wingnuts. When it came out that he’d gone by “Barry” in school they latch onto it as a cudgel. We libtards took it back as an endearment. it drove them crazy


I distinctly remember “Barry” being a term of affection used by Obama supporters too.


In which I remind everyone that Scott knew exactly who Baddog007 was referring to, but was just stirring up shit for the sake of stirring up shit.


I meant the context of being aware of the history and nonetheless offering it as a way to demean someone in an ostensibly non-racist way. Again, I have accused no one here of that.


Well then I guess let the record show I have also not directly accused you of insinuating anything and then trying to weasel out of it.


Very well.


Do we high-five now or hug or what?


I hug you without reservation!


Yes, exactly. Thank you both for pointing that out in my absence. I thought it was obvious, but clearly not.


Which one of you gets to be the flag?


I will even be the flag. Just this once.



Cohen mentioned during his testimony that he actually set up a Trump for President site in 2011 IIRC. Jordan then made fun of Cohen for claiming the idea was his, but Cohen stuck by his testimony. So it confirms that in 2011 Trump was thinking presidency.


It was completely obvious. Some people just have a lacking grasp of the obvious.

As for the “Barry as an insult” thing, among the not-so-witty crowd calling someone literally anything other than the name they currently go by, whether or not it’s actually offensive or even makes sense in any way, is considered a cutting insult.


Pretty sure the only thing left that isn’t considered a dog-whistle is dog whistles.


What if I invented a dog whistle that, when blown, says “Black on Black Crime”, or “9/11”?


Stable genius


Don’t we all name our companies after ourselves?