Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation



He’s going full Kim.


Kim is a smarter, slimmer, and more competent DJT.


Plus, he just inherited a country. He didn’t have to run for office like a loser parvenu.


Again showing how well he connects with his base. “We don’t need no damn driverless cars! Or starters! Just give me something I can crank!”


Anyone remember when Ford was debating Carter and he said Poland wasn’t dominated by the Soviet Union? Some feel that lost him the election, because he sounded dumb.

Trump says things a thousand times dumber. It’s amazing.


The Second Law of Thermodynamics shown through American politics.



“Airplanes are too complex!” wails old man who believes at least some of them are literally invisible.

Also, wasn’t he just complaining about the Dems wanting to take away the airplanes?


I do not care for him.



Well that guy may not be an airline pilot but he did stay at a Trump hotel last night.


Someone just checked out the cockpit of AF1 for the first time…


Do you think they gave him a pair of those plastic wings to pin on his lapel?



This guy is such a fucking idiot.




Good luck tying any of those people to Trump. NO COLLUSION.


Short thread full of truth.


Someone is certainly getting more deranged with time.