Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation




Totally unbelievable, Trump would never cheat on Putin.


Totally unbelievable.

We all know Putin is the husband.


Apropos Trump’s “I got the bikers” quote to Breitbart…

And there are Russian bikers “Night Wolves” who like to act like bodyguards for Putin.


trump army ready to roll:


Anyone read the Boomer Bible? Trump and Harry have a bit in common,


I throw up a little every time I read “Christians for Donald Trump”. Jesus must be rolling in his gra… Oh right.


When a reporter asked trump if he prefers the old testament or the new, he responded “There’s very fine scriptures on both sides.”


He’s literally just linking to Breitbart now. No article…just here, America, check out this cool news site I guess:


Anyone surprised? Anyone?


I felt the sudden increase in blood pressure while reading that. I’m not joking, sometimes the rage induces a physical response. I hate this man so much.


Absolutely. Imagine being the New Zealand PM and being forced to listen to that stain.


Should’ve refused the call.


Can’t NZ and most of the commonwealth, plus Germany classify Trump as hate speech and just ban him on the airwaves?


Extremist violence by people like me against others, that’s just a few disturbed individuals.

Extremist violence by others against people like me, that means they are all bad and banned.


“Those guys only voted that way because i told them to, in order to mislead the American people about our motivations”
-said out loud to the American people


Fucking infantile asswipe.


👆 what Mr Oberly said


He just tells it like it is!


You just can’t parody this. The Onion would have written tweet but they can’t, because Trump just says it.