Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Mainly that he is fucking owned by the Russians. He attended parties with Putin, and did shit on RT, I believe.


Right, stuff like this.


I mean… Trump is openly looking at classified info in a public dining room while people take pictures of him and the guy carrying the nuclear football. His people run private email servers. Literally everything Clinton was ever accused of he’s doing right now and then some and no one’s said shit. I’m pretty sure he could hire Snowden or Manning and people would just smile and nod.

Well he shouldn’t inject himself with polonium from a Russian reactor then.


As Trump keeps tweeting about it, remember it was ONLY a week ago #SallyYates was fired for asserting what 27 judges have since ruled.


Gee, where could those leaks be coming from. It’s like the President has been conducting foreign policy in the middle of a public restaurant or something!


I don’t know, Donald, why don’t you ask your waitstaff and random guests, or the staffers who were pointing cameraphones at your documents?


Oh NOW he cares about leaks and security. Not when it’s the nation’s problem, but when it makes him look bad.


Back to #HandShakeGate for a moment, this article:

I’d quote the best part, but the whole thing is the best part.

Discord is telling me Timex posted it 18 hours ago. I’m reposting it. Because it’s that important.


Patraeus would have zero issues getting confirmed. Republicans confirmed an Education Secretary that is literally the least qualified person to ever hold the position, so they would easily hand-wave away General Patraeus’ “mishandling” of documents as an experience he learned from and that makes him all the more sensitive to the handling of classified materials in the future. Then they would tout his experience and qualifications for the position (which admittedly are very good) and wave him on through.

Conservative Republicans have literally completely wiped the list of things they found so objectionable in Clinton from their collective minds now that they’re in control. Unsecure emails and phones? Cozying up to Wall Street? Questions of business/charity organizations and ethics? Getting Americans overseas killed? Nepotism in the White House? Ties to and influence from foreign interests? Apparently none of that matters now that they’ve won and are in control. It is good to be the king President.

I’m curious what conservative media even has to talk about these days? They’ve spent 8+ years building on the outrage of all the injustices heaped upon them by the Obama Administration, and the Trump Administration can literally do no wrong, even when obvious evidence to the contrary exists. I guess they’ve spent the past couple of months railing against the “paid protestors” and “cry-baby libtards who can’t get over the fact that they lost” while also still worrying daily about the twin boogeymen of Moose Lambs and Mexicans.

Hmmm…Moose Lambs and Mexicans is a great name for a Broadway show…


Especially since the National Security Adviser doesn’t need Senate approval.


The unfair slandering of Trump, of course.


Isn’t this the party that believes that criminals can’t be rehabilitated?


They also believe everyone can be instantly redeemed if they just say Jesus a couple times.

The Doublethink is strong with them.


Yes, which leads to my statements below that about the entire party having complete double standards on everything they went after Clinton on.

I’m astounded today that Flynn has actually resigned. I figured we’d be in for a long back and forth about how what he did wasn’t all that bad and a lot of hand waving, so there must be something even more damning that hasn’t come to light, most likely including direct links back to Trump during the campaign, and by not fighting this they’re trying to make it go away. Where are the chants of “Lock him up!”? Oh yeah, those will never come, even if it’s Trump on the hot seat and even if he’s done something so horrific it’s lead directly to the deaths of Americans through a national security breech.


I think they were boxed into a corner by the earlier Pence statement. Either Pence lied, or they let Flynn get away with lying to Pence. Neither looks good. So throw Flynn under the bus.


lol Flynn is not getting thrown under a bus. He’s getting off extremely light if this is all that happens.


What CharlesC said. He’s going to be rewarded handsomely I’m sure.



Well, fair enough. He should never have been appointed in the first place. But I meant sacrifice Flynn to save face for Pence.


Good point. I don’t know enough about the Pence connection.



He’ll get thrown in under it once people start really digging into his Russian connections.
“This is unfortunate, the President had no idea!! He lied to the VP!!”

Hell, it’s already starting with members of Congress saying “Well that’s the end of it,” and washing their hands of it all.