Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Me too, but for a different reason. I’m quite surprised that Trump didn’t make a huge show of firing him and branding him some kind of traitor, making it out like he had rooted out corruption in Washington.


He would have gotten around to it if it wasn’t Valentine’s Day.


Trump will only fire people that he had no hand in hiring. If he were to make a big deal out of firing Flynn, the narrative would be “why did Trump hire this guy in the first place?”. It also extends the story, causing calls to “dig deeper” and possibly prosecute, which risks exposing the fact that Trump likely knew about and requested/authorized the contact with Russia.

By allowing him to quietly resign, the press is barely giving this much attention. Trump gets very little blow-back at all.


“Nothing to see here, move on.”


Lots of reasons why that can’t happen.

First, Flynn was with The Orange One from near the beginning. He was held up by Trump as being an example of a Serious Military Dude who trusted Trump. He introduced Donald at a shitton of rallies. He was one of the few of the coterie of wingnuts that actually made it into the White House inner circle rather than being discarded (c.f., Christie, Newt, Giuliani, etc.). Trump canning him would speak to Trump’s hiring acumen, and that’s not allowed.

Second, there is a pretty good chance that treating Flynn gently is an understood quid pro quo. He has to resign because the press is howling and letting him go may quiet some of the Russian questions that are swirling around. But if they were make a big deal of it by publicly denouncing Flynn and humiliating him with a very public show of “firing” him, then he could quickly turn around and start blabbing about who directed him to talk to the ambassador… say in return for immunity from prosecution.


You guys are arguing logic. This White House isn’t logical. Do you really put it past them spinning it that way as a possibility? Besides, they could make a show of throwing him under the bus even as they have the quid pro quo you describe.mof course, none of this matters, because they didn’t do that, but it wouldn’t have surprised me at all if they had, given some of the other things they have done/said.


This is what is going to eventually dawn on the Trump team sycophants.

All this talk about how Trump rewards loyalty? Yeah, that’s bullshit. Trump is loyal until he’s not. Sure, if YOU aren’t loyal to him, he’ll try to destroy you… but loyalty is not rewarded to any significant degree.

Hell, this isn’t a new revelation. Chris Christie basically sold his soul and sucked Trump’s dick on national TV… and then was just fucking DISAPPEARED when things got hot. His career has been totally destroyed, and he got NOTHING to show for it. Mannefort? WTF even happened to that guy? Chopped up and buried in some NJ landfill as far as I know.

Same goes for Flynn, although he may literally end up dead, depending on what he knows(although Mannefort may also literally be dead, I seriously do not know)… and the same will go for EVERYONE.

Trump does not give even one single fuck about literally anyone in the entire world, other than himself.

And he’s not some fucking criminal mastermind. He’s an imbecile. So he’s gonna keep fucking up. And every time he fucks up, SOMEONE is going under the bus. And it sure as hell ain’t gonna be him. So that means if you’re standing next to Trump, you are going under the fucking bus.

Sooner or later, folks are gonna realize this.


Maybe sooner rather than later. They’ve offered the White House Communications Director position to three or four GOP folks and they’ve all turned it down.



Yep. It’s SOP for Trump and most authoritarians really.

How often does Kim Jong Un make mistakes? Stalin didn’t make mistakes. Other people did and were punished for it.


I wanted to ask his brother that very question, but he’s not picking up the phone.


Kim Jong Un was always an only child.


Chris Collins, when asked why there hasn’t been any comment from Republicans on Flynn’s resignation, said, “Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and I guess they’re having breakfast with their wives.”

With their wives.




I assume that as an old man, his Presbyopia has gotten so bad he can’t read without reading glasses. But he is so vain he would never be seen using reading glasses, because he would see it as unmanly or an admission of old age or weakness. So he effectively can’t read small text in public, because of vanity.


Dude stole Samantha Bee’s keen investigative reporting:


I mean… that was literally the GOP’s position Don. You know all those guys on the stage with you a while back? Every one of them said that exact thing.


I don’t think he paid much attention to what others said on that stage. On the other hand, it could be that someone mentioned Crimea being taken by Russia on one of the morning shows he watches, so he just found out.


hahahaha… hilarious :D


So, Don basically admitted it’s all true.