Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


We’ve already established the administration is incapable of acknowledging the Jewish people.


Here’s that question btw:



This hurts to watch. Trump is completely detached and confused.


This is a fun one.


What in the actual fuck?

Nice work, America.


God. It just gets worse and worse.

When I see that, I automatically think of this:



God bless 1970s, coke-fueled SNL.


He was talking about the anti-Semitic votes he got :)


Because if nobody is cheering him, he can’t feel great about himself.


I love this gif.

I guess you have to click to Imgur to see it.



Are we taking bets?

Most of Twitter thinks it will be screaming about leaks and the media followed by electoral college votes.


Yeah, I mean, that’s gotta be like -2000, right?

I’ll take “announcing the removal of loser, low-energy intelligence officials” at an even money line.


It will also be about voter fraud, and how literally trillions of people voted illegally in the election.


He hasn’t done that for the EOs, right?


Yes, after voter fraud calculations, it has been determined that Trump received 98.9% of the popular vote.


It’s to announce the new Labor guy from what I understand. Martin Shkreli maybe.


This got a good chuckle from me.

I feel like we’re forgetting Trump’s Razor here though, guys. Whatever the stupidest possible explanation is, is generally correct.

So. Termination of the F-35 program, effective immediately, to be replaced with an air-superiority drone program? Straight up ignoring the court order halting the Muslim ban? Unveiling of a new subreddit in which contractors to build the wall submit their pitches and upvotes determine who gets the job?

The sky is the limit here, folks.


Well, there’s also “what the press conference is supposed to be about” vs “what the press conference ends up being about” to consider. It could be to discuss the new Labor nominee, but I could see him spending 20 minutes talking about how much bigger his hands were than Trudeau’s.