Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Oh, that’s an excellent point.

I need a drink. It’s 10:45am.


I’m imagining that he shows up with a tiny mutant version of himself, ala Dr Moreau.


For a moment, I thought you wrote “Trent Reznor.” I thought to myself, “Yep, I have been ignoring him. Is that so wrong?” But I’ll tell you this… I’d rather have Trent Reznor for President than Donnie J.


I mean if we’re electing reality show hosts that pander towards populism, we could’ve at least gotten Mike Rowe.


At this point, it’s the only logic that actually works.


You know who else kept holding rallies after attaining power?



To be fair and with no other context I did have a couple common, generic prescriptions that cost me a whole $1.15 a piece the other week. Thanks, Obama(care).


Snowden is just on vacation and Manning really liked being tortured for years apparently.



This press conference is making national news headlines for the incoherent manic nature of the responses of our chief executive.

Holy shit. He’s either coked up, nuts, or both.


Even with everything I already know about how fucking crazy Donald Trump is, my brain can’t even comprehend the levels of crazy I’m seeing.


No doubt Trump decided that underlings like Spicer and Conway weren’t cutting it and he needed to straighten the press out by himself. No one else was huge enough to do it!

So … Pence and the cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment by the end of next week?


Josh Marshall on Twitter was like “Anthony Hopkins played this scene better in Nixon.”

“Pray with me Henry.”


C’mon guys…it couldn’t be THAT bad…


That’s one of his answers today.





Then right after that he said “nuclear holocaust would be like none other”


That’s pure craziness. Like, guy-on-the-street-yelling-at-a-shopping-cart-while-wearing-a-coat-made-out-of-newspapers crazy.


This is paraphrased, but I literally just heard him say in the press conference. That in our inner cities, people are cowering behind locked doors, too scared to even go out during the middle of the day, and “it’s worse than any place in the Middle East”.