Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation



So, in court, you bring in a Doctor who testifies that in his professional opinion, based on the behaviors he has observed, yadda yadda, the defendant is clinically insane.

Can like, Pence find a Doctor to do that and invoke the 25th? This is beyond horrifying. He just threatened to blow up a Russian naval ship during one of his manic, ad-libbed, stream of consciousness responses. Threatened to start a war with a nuclear power.


(April Ryan is an African American White House reporter for the Urban Radio Networks)


The most shocking thing about the press conference is that he reportedly said something that’s true: that the market has hit record highs since he took office.


Well, to put the best possible construction on it, buried somewhere in that word salad is the sentiment that better relations with Russia is a good thing, and that it would be bad to start World War III for political gain.

If it weren’t for the context of the Russia questions, and Trump’s generally being bonkers, and “improved Russians relations” needing to be set in the context of it being Putin, not Yeltsin or even Gorbachev, in the Kremlin, I would find something in there to agree with/approve of. But then, I spent my youth in “the Russians love their children too” mode.


Always Sunny fans will appreciate this.



Fun fact: they don’t need a doctor. Just need Pence and half the Cabinet to sign a note confirming that they think the President is “unable to discharge the duties of his office” and send it to the leaders of the House and Senate. It could all happen in an afternoon.


You’re doing the Lord’s work, Gordon.

I’d like to add: Nice work, America.

Our countrymen are idiots. Jesus Christ.


Trump had claimed in his opening remarks that he had won the biggest Electoral College victory since Ronald Reagan, which is demonstrably false.

“You said today that you had the biggest electoral margin since Ronald Reagan,” Alexander said, sitting feet from the president. He then began to list recent electoral victories bigger than Trump’s, which include both of Barack Obama’s victories, both of Bill Clinton’s victories and George H.W. Bush’s 1988 victory, all since Reagan.

“Well, I was talking about Republicans,” Trump said. George H.W. Bush, who was also a Republican, received 426 electoral votes, well above Trump’s 304.

endless screaming


That press conference was… something.



Jake Tapper:
“What would you think if this was your boss at work? What if this was a family member that acted like this today?”



It doesn’t matter how fucking crazy he is or what he does, the supporters are there for him. How do we (as sane people) get past that?


Trump thinks black people all know each other.


As one foxnews.com comment put it, “THANK GOD FOR TRUMP BLESS YOU”.


And the Jew asking about rising antisemitism was a liar


One of the best TV shows ever. Nice image :-)


After watching some of the press conference, with the weird energy level, frantic talk, scattered thoughts and grandiose statements, I realized where I’d seen it before. My wife acts like this when she decides to stop taking her medication without telling me. She’s bipolar and, when she drops the meds, she can enter a manic state that lasts days to months.

Trump seems like he’s always in a manic (perhaps even hyponamic) state. Not sure I’d call him bipolar, but I would sure as hell say he shows all the signs of a person having unmedicated manic episodes.