Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Must be an IE thing. Looked at it in Firefox and it’s fine. I am disappoint.


Think you’re right. So, to submit the survey, you have to supply your email, which means most non-Trump people simply won’t submit. He’ll get responses only from true believers, so he’ll be able to say that 98% of people surveyed agree that the media is “fake” or whatever. And it’ll sound good to morons.


I submitted. It’s a gmail address, so filtering shit I don’t want is as easy as it gets.


I watched a synopsis of the press conference, and unfortunately, Trump totally won.


I submitted a survey on behalf of Justin Trudeau, i_am_stronger_than_trump@handshake.com


This is disheartening…


It’s disheartening … until you look at their trust in Congress!

Compared to Congress, the press is beloved. But then, compared to Congress, dog shit looks good.

(No really, dog shit polls better than Congress.)


scratch that…THIS is disheartening


Either polls are stupid or people aren’t watching any news at all.


That data is nearly two weeks old. If I were answering, I’d agree he (unfortunately) keeps his promises. And of course he’s strong. Haven’t you seen his handshake?


What promises has he kept? I’d like to see a list. Even a list of one.


I’ve seen it:


You were half and half. People are stupid.

He’s promised not to reveal his taxes.
He’s promised to ban Muslims.
He’s promised to build a stupid wall.
He’s promised to remove stupid regulations that protect our health.

Doing his best to accomplish all those.


On the other hand he promised to drain the swamp and instead he swamped the drain.


He actually promised not to reveal his taxes? Good lord. I don’t remember that.

He hasn’t banned Muslims or built the wall or removed regulations that protect our health yet, though. But I’ll agree that he’s trying his best to keep those promises. The Travel ban was a ham-handed clusterfuck that lasted a few days and hurt innumerable people and made us all afraid permanently while he still has a pulse. But he failed to ban all Muslims from traveling here.

I think he has failed at almost everything he promised so far. All he’s done is make noise,


He did get rid of the regulation stopping waste from coal mining going into streams


I might have exaggerated the tax thing. Point is, the one thing I can say for the guy is that he’s at least attempting to do all the insane bullshit he campaigned on.


Agreed on some matters, although the big one (drain the swamp) is a huge LOL so far, and in my mind, I can’t imagine putting him in the category of a promise keeper.

Now if I were asked if I might categorize him as a babbling and demented narcissist, I’m in.


No argument here.


And if some old dude promised me that he was going to take a big dump on my front porch and then rub his ass on my glass front door, and then walked on my porch and yanked down his pants, the first thing out of my mouth wouldn’t be, “A promise keeper!”

I know we aren’t arguing here. I just couldn’t resist typing that little story.

Also, I’d like to read Trump’s wedding vows. All of them.